21 February 2017 @ 09:02 pm
Yesterday I spent valentine’s day watching a stage series that I completely fell into last summer! While I was super pissed and skeptical of this installment of the stage - due to favourite characters (Amane, Misu, Shuuto’s) and actors NOT coming back (Tamaki, Nakamura, Shuuto, Hirose Daisuke, Naoya) this installment, and also some announcing that the next installment after this one would be their last (Amane/Takaki, Misu/Nakamura) - I went in with an open mind and was ready to accept whatever they were gunna send at me. And I did. Lets see how that went shall we?


Official Site Here
Official Twitter Here
Dress Rehearsal Video Here
Press Coverage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Akazawa Tomoru as Shirasaki Mamoru
Izawa Yuki as Ariga Ryou
Sugie Taishi as Kagami Itsuki
Nagae Ryouki as Miike Mayo
Yamaoki Yuki as Yugi Kotarou
Hashimoto Shinichi as Kugure Jun
Asato Yuya as Doctor Ten
Otsuka Kosuke as Doctor Three
Ito Kotaro as Amane Gwen Shougo
Yamada James Takeshi as Salut
Araki Kentaro as Kumoi Ren / Cheka
Kotani Yoshikazu kuroko / Momose Tatara
Nakahara Yuya as Ichijima Harumi
Osumi Kenya as Shikura Kazuhito
Ensemble: Hosokawa Akihiro, Kitamura Kai, Uraie Kenji, Hisada Yuki, Sugiura Yuichi, Ishigami Ryuya, Sakamoto Kazuki


Kaito Yuri has gone missing and it seems like he might have not only betrayed Sakura but also Mamoru. But Mamoru stays strong that Kaito isn't a bretrayer and that he's still alive, though many believe he's dead after 6 months with no contact from him have passed. Mamoru is sent on a solo Gradutaion (Sotsugyou) Mission to stop the AI hacker known as 'Necromancer' who had broken into Sakura's security system and caused havock. With the occassional help from Doctor Ten, Doctor Three, and the three new Sakura recruits, Mamoru embarks on his mission, alone.


Maybe it's because this was my first time seeing Messiah live the flesh but I felt there was a massive step up in production and everything in this stage! The most impressive thing was the choreography for the action. Holy moly, the stunts and the timing was amazing! Also I really enjoyed the projection mapping this time around and how they used it. As usual the music was amazing and also super nostalgic and hearing the bell when the stage began! I cried at the ending to this but for a different meaning than everyone else. I really, really enjoyed this which I didn't expect to and I am definitely looking forward to the next installment. The negatives I have is this story has two plots and one of the plots I absolutely loved and the other plot I absolutely hated and don't want to remember. The second negative is; I really don't like the three new recruits. They're like carbon copies of Messiah character's we've already met and they're boring and I don't really want to get to know them, which is unfortunate because the actors themselves are adorable!

Rating: I don't think I've rated the Messiah series at all up to now... but I'll put it at a safe 8/10 for now.


You’ve been warned; all the spoilers ahead!

( Give me the soundtrack! ) )

Okay I'll stop here! Pretty sure I've spent like 4 hours making this review! I'm done!

Hope you enjoyed it!
17 January 2017 @ 01:32 am

I've literally just come back from the cinema after watching this! I saw it was on the schedule list yesterday and thought 'I must watch this asap!!' So I did! So first things first is the official stuff and credits:

Official Site here
Press Release and Coverage 1, 2, 3 (*also photo credit)
Trailer / Teaser 1, 2


Sato Ryuji = Shinji
Sato Hisanori = Nao
Akazawa Tomoru = Aoi
Nogawa Taichi = Dai
Takano Kenji = KenKen
Kuroba Mario = Kiyoshi

There are more but... shhh...


PS. I'm gunna change the format up again so let me know which you prefer: non-spoiler / overall comments first or last ^_^

PPS.. Apparently it's Sato Ryuuji's fucking birthday today! So it was the perfect time to watch this movie!! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!! <3 some pic spam xD

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OKAY! Back to the actual review! ....

This was a film I was anticipating anyway and so I jumped at the chance of seeing it asap!


Went into it without knowing what the hell was going to happen and I'm so glad I did! It's not a movie I usually watch because it was very indie or at least had the feel to it as it was a perfect production; it definitely had some sound troubles and some of the shots (like camera looking up to the actors) were too artistic to be coming from one of the (two) big film companies in Japan.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story even though it mentally broke me and my heart was crying at the end (a few real tears did slip out); it's definitely dark, realistic and bittersweet but there's those realistic moments of laughing even in the crappiest times which really warmed my heart <3 I was thoroughly impressed by Kuroba Mario's performance and saw a side of his acting I hadn't seen before. Also Sato Ryuji's smile is one of the most pure things ever!


If you get chance and want to see something a bit indie-esque, watch this! I am impress by it that much! My only complaint is Akazawa Tomoru's acting when he did the angry scene at the beginning; I don't think he's cut out for angry/horrible characters because his yelling just fell flat for me personally; least he tried xD

Rating: 9/10

Now onto ALL the spoilers and story telling!!


To be honest I'd only seen the teaser trailer from MONTHS ago and had no idea what it was about!

( Very detailed! ) )


I did it!!! So let me know which format you prefer ^_^

I should REALLY go to sleep now (almost 2am I think)

Let me know in the comments below!
04 January 2017 @ 03:38 pm
So it's that time of year again where I decide what I definitely will warch and let me tell you... this was hard!

Usually I do two seperate 'Upcoming Doramas' and 'What I will Watch' Lists BUT this season, I wanna see ALL the ones that interest me! So I'm putting both the lists together this time! << Forgive me? So first! The complete list:

( The list feels short this time ) )

And now for what interested me:


( 7 Doramas! ) )

There's only six this time BUT winter doramas are usually really slow and dark so I'm surprised and happy at how many interesting and fun ones we're getting! ^_^ In terms of how likely I am to watch them, it goes:

From 1000% Will Watch:
Shikaku Tantei
Star Consheruto
Gin to Kin
By Players
Ubai Ai, Fuyu

Obviously continuing from the Autumn season I still have Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

And now for the Anime I Will Watch this Season:

Yowamushi Pedal: The Next Generation
Tuesdays from jan 10th at 1:35am

The third season of YowaMushi

Touken Ranbu is supposed to come out in Winter too but the date is still undecided so maybe it's been delayed...

I'm still working through Hunter x Hunter, Prince of Tennis etc. but I should really sort that out right? xD It's been going on for too long! haha


And that's my Winter 2017 watching list!! If I missed any that interested you let me know down below!! ^_^

Btw, do you prefer when it's Anime Interested List, Dorama Interest List and Will Watch List or would you prefer they were all together like this one is/ Let me know below!
This was a ride of adlibs and craziness seriously...

I watched most (or all) of the anime before watching this - and I think I decided to watch this play because of.... Shouta? So I went in NOT knowing just how well known Tomoru is and I clearly went into it not knowing a thing about MakiChan (thus this began my love and discovery of him). I really enjoyed this! This'll be a little over the place as A. it's been months since I watched it B. my notes are pretty much NEVER in order C. I wanna get this done asap.


( Professionally Unprofessional ) )


This was so hilarious and professionally unprofessional and I'm SO glad I broke last week and preordered the DVD (which comes out on Thursday!) cos I seriously wanna see this again! I hope they do a second stage in the future! It was so much fun and swear to go 50% of it was adlibbed xD
Rating: 9/10
I already posted this on tumblr but also wanted to bring it over here.
So me and Tina were obviously discussing plays yesterday and she asked me what actors I was keeping an eye on and at the time I only told her a few but since then I’ve thought more about it so I thought I’d let you know the full list including when they first caught my eye, what I’m watched them in since and when I’ll probably let them go (not in a negative way but I would’ve seen them enough to make a decision as to how I think their career will go, because I don’t have/keep favourites except Yanagishita Tomo and KAT-TUN).

*Btw, what I mean by Keeping an Eye on is that I am physically going out and spending money to see them and on them (e.g. goods). Once I ‘let them go’ I’ll still watch the stuff they produce that comes out on DVD but I won’t make the effort to see them in a stage just because they’re in it after they’re off the list (I have another post coming up explaining the whole ‘Watching Stage Plays’ system I have set up in my head).

1. Maeyama Takahisa - Kept an Eye on Since August 10th-ish (since D-Live 2015). Watched in D-Live, Yuhiden, Binan KouKou LOVE, Handsome Rakugo. Will be watching in Caramel Box with Jinnai Sho in June and in D-Stage 19th Shakespeare. Previously watched in Kamen Rider Wizard years ago. While I’ve seen a LOT of his stuff (which I hadn’t realised!!) I still don’t feel confident in his career so will probs keep an eye on him til the end of the year if he has anything after Shakespeare. I just need to see a little more of his range and performance.

2. Ikeoka Ryousuke - Kept an Eye on Since Yuhiden (October 2015). Watched in Yuhiden, Litchi Hikari Club, Corpse Party (movie), Naritai Jibun ni Nare, . Currently working through Tenimyu Season Two so been watching his performances in that closely too. Will be seeing him in the next Corpse Party movie which comes out in July/August. But he has nothing currently planned after that. I’ll keep an eye on him until at least the end of the year. He seems to have one of the more quiet careers which worries me but I’ve been very satisfied by his perfomances and range so far. But I do want to see him with a few more gigs (and a bit more weight btw!) before I let him go. If he lets me go - he’s the only one who’s really fighting in my head to become a favourite.

3. Izaki Ryujiro - Kept an Eye on Since Comic Jack (February 2016). I’ve seen him in a few things before this year but he caught my eye (obviously) in Comic Jack and have since seen him in Dance with Devils and the DVD version of his team’s solo Tenimyu live, and will be seeing him in Dream Live this month and in Shakespeare in July(?). I’ll probably let him go once I’ve seen him in Shakespeare and in the Adekan DVD. He’s got a bright future in my opinion and I think he’ll be majorly popular (if he isn’t already) so I’m confident enough in him that he doesn’t need me to worry about him xD

4. Aramaki Yoshihiko - Kept an Eye on Since Binan Koukou LOVE (February 2016). He caught my eye as Ryuu-sama in Binan KouKou (I am a SUCKER for guys in pink okay and he was VERY pink. Plus he has cute knees! << I know it’s weird shhh!). I literally have watched NOTHING else from this boy yet BUT I will be getting the Touken Ranbu DVD and goods and I WILL be seeing him in Sengoku Musou and I’ll probably be following him until at least next February depending on how busy he gets.

5. Yasukawa Junpei - Kept an Eye on Since Dance with Devils (February 2016). He was in Ayakashi but I didn’t know about him until I saw him in Dance with Devils and he was playing Shiki <3 and I LOVE Shiki! I;ve since gone back to watch him properly in Ayakashi. I’ve still yet to see him in Tenimyu. I’m probably gunna keep him on this list for a long time cos he just recently left his company so is currently under no company (I think Maki-chan is the same o_O) which worries me a little. He’s very busy for the time being and I hope he will continue to get busy after August but I’ll keep him here just in case he doesn’t get as busy with work as I hope.

6. Shiramata Atsushi - Kept an Eye on Since BASARA (February 2016). I don’t know what interested me in Shira- no wait, now I remember. I rewatched D-Live 2015 when it finally came out on DVD and I noticed this loud annoying guy that was with Shin-chan and Omi and for some reason I was completed intrudged by him even though he would normally be a guy i despise but the fact he acted like he had an ego but could become so embarrassed so easily is what drew me to him. So I went to BASARA and he played a loud guy, exactly what I expected but then I saw him at the after talk and he was so funny and once again something happened that made him embarrassed and I found it so cute! Then I went to Paranoia Circus where I got my first taste of him not being loud and egotistic in a way xD and I was really impressed by his performance in it, and then I saw him in Fairy Tail and then I will see him in BASARA. I will eventually get around to Giam which he’s in but I will let him off this list once BASARA is done. I am confident in his acting and will try and watch the other things he’s been in when/if I get chance, if they have DVDs. (I really liked his trio moment in TRUMP too).

I think that’s about it. Just those 5 6... I thought I had like a list of 10 people but turns out no.


Who’ll be next? I honestly don’t know. I considered some but then chose not to; here’s why:

( Potentials and Who Missed Out ) )

And that’s the last for now! If you have any actors you’re keeping an eye on let me know!
28 December 2015 @ 08:25 pm

And here we have my second stage review of the week! Enjoy!! (Btw, this picture above was taken at the cafe at the theater, they had a Litche themed cafe menu and everything!)

But yes, lets get talking about this big boy!!

( This was epic and came with an added bonus ) )


Overall:: I fucking loved this! I ate it up, spat it out and ate it again! It was so good!!! This version is SO much better than the 2013 version!! I have to say, making it into a musical? Best. Decision. Ever! The dances, the songs, the music were ALL phenominal! It was SO good! IkeP's character <3 I originally thought he'd be Jaibo and tbh, I think he's suit the role perfectly, but he performed amazingly at Zua (I think that's how you pronounce his name) and he was so cute and his singing was great and omg his dancing was just WOW! <3 Zera's actor was just spot on and omg his freak out scene was beautiful! I wanted to see it again! But I had fucking plans 26th and 27th -_- so coudln't... GRRR!!! But my friends damn well heard me complaints xD

Naturally I've already preordered the DVD xD