I watched D-Stage 20th: Jyuudou Shounen (Judo Boys) Monday night and it was a LOT of fun with so many things going wrong throughout which added to the hilarity.

Official Website here
Official Twitter here
Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Miyazaki Shuuto
Miyazaki’s Parents (played by Mitsuya - mother and Ikeoka - father)
Mitsuya Mitchell Ryo
Ikeoka Ryousuke
Arai Atsushi
Shison Jun (played by Mitsuya Ryo)
Negishi Takuya (played by Arai Atsushi)
Nishi Yukito (played by Ikeoka)
Voices of Shiramata Atsushi and Maeyama Takahisa
Sakurai Minami
Kobayashi Masahiro


This was so funny! I didn’t stop laughing! Some parts were obviously planned and were supposed to be funny but quite a few things went wrong when I went and even the actors couldn’t not laugh which added to the hilarity. It’s a simple story and the comedy is definitely the selling point here. Seeing their close interactions is great too!

Rating: 9/10 << might be in the race to be my favourite D-Stage! But I’ll have to rewatch it to decide that finally.


First I will talk about the story:

Basically Miyazaki Shuuto* has always been told to aim for the Olympics but he doesn’t see the point; he’s on a losing streak, he doesn’t want to go to the Olympics, he doesn’t even think he likes it anymore. Then thanks to a trip to Tokyo with his Judo buddies, he has his first love, finds a rival and discovers what he really wanted to do and what Judo means to him.

*They’re using their own names for the characters.


Simple enough story right? Which is great because it left a LOT of room for the BIG theme of the play: the comedy. This was absolutely hilarious! A lot of it was planned comedy but unfortunately the day I went, a LOT of things went wrong or happened without the other actors knowing it was going to happen so not only were the audience laughing hard but also the actors were laughing insanely hard too that they had to stop the play a little so both actor and audience could calm down xD Which means it as a lot of great fun!

To be honest, when I first got my ticket and it was Row Z and the site said row Z is actually row 3 and a bench seat I kind of panicked because I imagined the type of benches we have to sit on in primary school in England and they are not comfortable! SO I was super worried I’d have to put up with one of those types of benches for a 2 hour plus show BUT when I got there they weren’t really benches; just normal chairs without the back and with a cushion! And my bad didn’t hurt at all! I was comfortable the entire time! Also I was super lucky that the person in front and the person next to me didn’t show up SO I was technically on my own and second row! Which made it SUPER easy for the actors to spot us; seriously the first row could TOUCH the stage without even stretching their arm out! And Mitsuya definitely spotted me and I think Ikeoka looked over a few times -- but being me I kept looking away from IkeP if he so much as seemed to see me, cos I’m a shy girl with my bias’ xD


Anyway! Now to the parts of the play I wanna focus and talk about! First let’s talk about the PLANNED comedy okay?

( let the hilarity ensue ) )


Final note:

This stage was a godsend in terms of reconfirming and reaffirming my love for IkeP. He did amazing in Yuhiden and Litche Hikari Club at the end of 2015 and that’s where I fell for him so I went into 2016 super hopeful for him but he only ended up doing like ONE play and ONE dorama and that was April and September, so I was super worried for his career and worried I wouldn’t be able to see more of him BUT we’re only in February and already he’s got a dorama airing, he’s doing a stage now and he’s definitely got Dansui stage in May! So he’s already doing more this year which makes me a super happy bunny and seeing him (finally!, again!) in this on Monday really helped me remember ‘ah yes I love this idiot’ xD he really is hilarious and cute!!


That’s all I got to say really. I am very much looking forward to the DVD! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable play! Seriously, a lot of fun and I didn’t stop laughing for over 2 hours!
04 January 2017 @ 03:38 pm
So it's that time of year again where I decide what I definitely will warch and let me tell you... this was hard!

Usually I do two seperate 'Upcoming Doramas' and 'What I will Watch' Lists BUT this season, I wanna see ALL the ones that interest me! So I'm putting both the lists together this time! << Forgive me? So first! The complete list:

( The list feels short this time ) )

And now for what interested me:


( 7 Doramas! ) )

There's only six this time BUT winter doramas are usually really slow and dark so I'm surprised and happy at how many interesting and fun ones we're getting! ^_^ In terms of how likely I am to watch them, it goes:

From 1000% Will Watch:
Shikaku Tantei
Star Consheruto
Gin to Kin
By Players
Ubai Ai, Fuyu

Obviously continuing from the Autumn season I still have Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

And now for the Anime I Will Watch this Season:

Yowamushi Pedal: The Next Generation
Tuesdays from jan 10th at 1:35am

The third season of YowaMushi

Touken Ranbu is supposed to come out in Winter too but the date is still undecided so maybe it's been delayed...

I'm still working through Hunter x Hunter, Prince of Tennis etc. but I should really sort that out right? xD It's been going on for too long! haha


And that's my Winter 2017 watching list!! If I missed any that interested you let me know down below!! ^_^

Btw, do you prefer when it's Anime Interested List, Dorama Interest List and Will Watch List or would you prefer they were all together like this one is/ Let me know below!
29 December 2016 @ 10:02 pm
You can see the list of those I intended to read here. I completely stuck to my list this time and didn't watch anymore nor anything else! (<< as in 2016 Autumn releases) Some were absolutely amazing, but there were a few disappointments.

I shall do the doramas first:


1. Lady DaVinchi [7/10]

( 1 ) )

2. Cain and Abel [3/10]

This bored the crap out of me. I watched it because my friend loves Yamada and she wanted to watch it together with me. But I ended up missing weeks and had to marathon like episodes 3 to 8 in one go so I never actually live tweeted her about it at all. Luckily she enjoyed it because of Yamada but unfortunately he was not enough to keep my interest. This plot is so stupid. It couldn't decide if it wanted to be a business focused dorama or a romance focused dorama; it kept flipflopping between the two. And while the romance started off good and I was still onboard about episode 7; the end result was so stupid. Can I spoil you? Okay here:

( 2 ) )

I hated this show. I was gunna write more but my rant has put me in a super bad mood for this.

Theme song was good.


3. YowaMushi Pedal [8.5/10]

( 3 ) )

4. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuogher

This is still on going but I'm about 36 episodes in and this is enjoyable. It's simple, it's cute, it's definitely a step up from the previous season, the plot development is decent too but it's nothing amazing but it's definitely good to watch. The Halloween episode was great preciated xD This series might finish before the winter season is over (it normally runs like Feb to Jan every year).


5. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

This is also still on-going and this is a lot of fun! I really like the plot and I like the characters and the budget for this show is huge compared to the previous series because of the amount of CGI they use every episode! Also; all the boys are so cute!!! I'm definitely (and surprisingly) loving Snipe and Laser (<< oh jesus they're all younger than me including these two!!) so much! They're great and I swear to go if they kill them off; I'm rioting! xD I say this because in (about) episode 11 we already got out first character loss so I'm glad this Kamen Rider also isn't being kind as usual and isn't being child proof which is always appreciated. I have to say the weakest out of them all is Emu! Once again we have a Kamen Rider where the main character is the weakest part of the series! I really like him BUT I feel the personality switch he's supposed to have when he starts playing games just isn't prominant enough and it's not obvious enough. Finally, surprisingly Hiiro is growing on me and it all started because he likes cakes and sweets <3 his backstory really helped me understand him also. So yes, enjoying it and having a good time with the characters!

I'm done with the doramas! What did you watch and enjoy? And now for the anime:


6. Show by Rock Season Two [2/10]

( 6 ) )


7. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru [9/10]

( 7 ) )


8. Yuri no Ice [10/10]

( 8 ) )

I watched a lot of other things this season that didn't come out this season so I'll so a separate post about those! But those have been my Autumn 2016 doramas and anime!
Same format as last time. Here is what I will 100% watch this season! All the ones that interested me can be found here for doramas and here for anime.

[ Winter 2016 / Spring 2016 / Summer 2016 / Autumn 2016]

First let's do that wonderful doramas!


( Once again the list is long! ) )

On Hold List

I still have many many stalled doramas and anime, and I would like to finish some but I doubt I'll have time. If I do find time then I was like to finish at least one of these:

- Angel Heart [Dorama]
- DownTown Rocket [Dorama]
- Shi Gatsu ha Kimi no Uso [Anime]
- Donten ni Warau [Anime]
- Parasyte [Anime]
- Kill La Kill [Anime]
- Cross Ange [Anime]

But god knows xD


SO!  That is a total of 6 (7 possible) TV shows and 8 anime which comes to a rather large-ish total of 15 shows that I will watch this season!

What are you DEFINITELY watching this season?!
28 June 2016 @ 07:22 pm

Finally got around to this list! Remember; I won't be talking about ALL the doramas, only the ones that have interested me or caught my eye.

Full List:

( As usual a LONG list ) )

List credit goes here.


Now to my list!

( Give me it all now! ) )

WILL WATCH DEFINITELY THIS SEASON: Hope, YowaMushi, Aogeba Totoshi, Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto


The LACK of HS doramas this season is shocking! Usually summer season is the HEIGHT for HS dramas...
08 June 2016 @ 12:45 pm
IMG 9148

Let's get this done and over with.

I watched the anime so I could know the story and ended up REALLY like the anime. BUT, the story they covered in the stage is probably one of my least favourite. But I did go in with such high expectations cos Shuuto is in it and I knew they were gunna use project mapping and it was a great cast and it just looked so good,

BUT then it started.

( Don't read if you don't wanna read negative stuff ) )


Overall: I was so disappointed. It was too short and the actresses and just so many little things I didn't like about this stage. There were a few positives (Shuuto is the perfect Natsu) but.... ugh....
Rating: 5/10 < one for porjection mapping, one for the shirtlessness and comedy, and three for Shuut, Matachan and Ono.
I already posted this on tumblr but also wanted to bring it over here.
So me and Tina were obviously discussing plays yesterday and she asked me what actors I was keeping an eye on and at the time I only told her a few but since then I’ve thought more about it so I thought I’d let you know the full list including when they first caught my eye, what I’m watched them in since and when I’ll probably let them go (not in a negative way but I would’ve seen them enough to make a decision as to how I think their career will go, because I don’t have/keep favourites except Yanagishita Tomo and KAT-TUN).

*Btw, what I mean by Keeping an Eye on is that I am physically going out and spending money to see them and on them (e.g. goods). Once I ‘let them go’ I’ll still watch the stuff they produce that comes out on DVD but I won’t make the effort to see them in a stage just because they’re in it after they’re off the list (I have another post coming up explaining the whole ‘Watching Stage Plays’ system I have set up in my head).

1. Maeyama Takahisa - Kept an Eye on Since August 10th-ish (since D-Live 2015). Watched in D-Live, Yuhiden, Binan KouKou LOVE, Handsome Rakugo. Will be watching in Caramel Box with Jinnai Sho in June and in D-Stage 19th Shakespeare. Previously watched in Kamen Rider Wizard years ago. While I’ve seen a LOT of his stuff (which I hadn’t realised!!) I still don’t feel confident in his career so will probs keep an eye on him til the end of the year if he has anything after Shakespeare. I just need to see a little more of his range and performance.

2. Ikeoka Ryousuke - Kept an Eye on Since Yuhiden (October 2015). Watched in Yuhiden, Litchi Hikari Club, Corpse Party (movie), Naritai Jibun ni Nare, . Currently working through Tenimyu Season Two so been watching his performances in that closely too. Will be seeing him in the next Corpse Party movie which comes out in July/August. But he has nothing currently planned after that. I’ll keep an eye on him until at least the end of the year. He seems to have one of the more quiet careers which worries me but I’ve been very satisfied by his perfomances and range so far. But I do want to see him with a few more gigs (and a bit more weight btw!) before I let him go. If he lets me go - he’s the only one who’s really fighting in my head to become a favourite.

3. Izaki Ryujiro - Kept an Eye on Since Comic Jack (February 2016). I’ve seen him in a few things before this year but he caught my eye (obviously) in Comic Jack and have since seen him in Dance with Devils and the DVD version of his team’s solo Tenimyu live, and will be seeing him in Dream Live this month and in Shakespeare in July(?). I’ll probably let him go once I’ve seen him in Shakespeare and in the Adekan DVD. He’s got a bright future in my opinion and I think he’ll be majorly popular (if he isn’t already) so I’m confident enough in him that he doesn’t need me to worry about him xD

4. Aramaki Yoshihiko - Kept an Eye on Since Binan Koukou LOVE (February 2016). He caught my eye as Ryuu-sama in Binan KouKou (I am a SUCKER for guys in pink okay and he was VERY pink. Plus he has cute knees! << I know it’s weird shhh!). I literally have watched NOTHING else from this boy yet BUT I will be getting the Touken Ranbu DVD and goods and I WILL be seeing him in Sengoku Musou and I’ll probably be following him until at least next February depending on how busy he gets.

5. Yasukawa Junpei - Kept an Eye on Since Dance with Devils (February 2016). He was in Ayakashi but I didn’t know about him until I saw him in Dance with Devils and he was playing Shiki <3 and I LOVE Shiki! I;ve since gone back to watch him properly in Ayakashi. I’ve still yet to see him in Tenimyu. I’m probably gunna keep him on this list for a long time cos he just recently left his company so is currently under no company (I think Maki-chan is the same o_O) which worries me a little. He’s very busy for the time being and I hope he will continue to get busy after August but I’ll keep him here just in case he doesn’t get as busy with work as I hope.

6. Shiramata Atsushi - Kept an Eye on Since BASARA (February 2016). I don’t know what interested me in Shira- no wait, now I remember. I rewatched D-Live 2015 when it finally came out on DVD and I noticed this loud annoying guy that was with Shin-chan and Omi and for some reason I was completed intrudged by him even though he would normally be a guy i despise but the fact he acted like he had an ego but could become so embarrassed so easily is what drew me to him. So I went to BASARA and he played a loud guy, exactly what I expected but then I saw him at the after talk and he was so funny and once again something happened that made him embarrassed and I found it so cute! Then I went to Paranoia Circus where I got my first taste of him not being loud and egotistic in a way xD and I was really impressed by his performance in it, and then I saw him in Fairy Tail and then I will see him in BASARA. I will eventually get around to Giam which he’s in but I will let him off this list once BASARA is done. I am confident in his acting and will try and watch the other things he’s been in when/if I get chance, if they have DVDs. (I really liked his trio moment in TRUMP too).

I think that’s about it. Just those 5 6... I thought I had like a list of 10 people but turns out no.


Who’ll be next? I honestly don’t know. I considered some but then chose not to; here’s why:

( Potentials and Who Missed Out ) )

And that’s the last for now! If you have any actors you’re keeping an eye on let me know!
22 January 2016 @ 12:38 pm
I finally got time to write this review! I watched it about.... 6 or 8 weeks ago! So let's go!


The play follows the anime/manga very faithfully. It's almost an exact copy. The use of digital effects and projection mapping, and the use of the stage and the walls was SO creative in this! I was seriously impressed! This has Ogoe and Shuuto in <33 I really like who they were cast as and fit the characters well =] I think Ogoe did some SUPERB acting. Especially during his freak out scene, holy crap it was phenominal acting; his screams and his struggle and his running around and just everything about this scene of his was outstanding! Shuuto's comedy was spot on too! I can tell more now why he's a D-Boys, because his comedy timing is just MWAH *that's me doing the kissy thing*! I also liked Shuuto's cycling scene; I'd be too scared of my cycling skills to do that scene xD They used the anime song for the opening which is nice! And now it's stuck in my head.... In my notes I have two little things which I don't quite remember what are:

1. Nice dance scene - I think I'm talking about the girl's introduction just before she has a battle scene.
2. SKIN!!! - I am either talking about the time when Ogoe/Kaneki is hospitalised or when Shuuto is injured.. I think it may be abou Shuuto.

The only downer to this play is how little of the story they cover. We barely get an introduction to everyone and it finishes!! It stops just before we get to the good stuff. I can kind of understand that they wanted to focus on Kaneki's struggle and his transformation but I needed more.

They better fucking do a second play with the same cast! I defo need more of Ogoe and Shuuto!

Rating: 7/10 - this was originally a 6 BUT upon thinking back on this now I did really enjoy it, it's just the lack of how much of the story they covered and non-Kaneki character development that was the negative part of this play.

Have you watched this? What did you think? Do you plan to? Let me know below! Also, what play do you recommend I HAVE to watch?
13 November 2015 @ 06:34 pm

I tried my best!! If I missed anything or got something wrong then please let me know ASAP!!! [ profile] tilmon originally requested this but it's a great idea anyway and it gives me another reason to annoy everyone with the play and allows me to reply it in my mind once more xD I also wasn't sure how SPOILERY to make these...

But first the translated character chart!!


And now onto the profiles:

( Profiles ) )


*EDIT: Notices that the website has Character profiles after finalising this... decides to add them into the massive profiles that she's already written above. Added parts from the website will be in italics.

*EDIT 2: So glad I read the official profiles too! I didn't know anything about Marada it seems.

You can tell who I did and didn't pay attention to by how much added text from the official profiles is here xD Oopsies! Hope I didn't accidently offend anyone!!
04 November 2015 @ 02:14 pm

So turns out I was once again way behind on my reviews and had no idea!!! So let's crack on!

( Almost ALL 2015 Movies xD ) )

Hope you enjoyed that!! I will seriously try to not fall behind again!! xD

Have a good day!!
03 November 2015 @ 09:02 pm

Cos I'm obsessed. Enjoy!! if you have or find any others, let me know below!!

Behind the Scenes:

( BTS ) )


( TV Guide and Okepi mainly ) )


( Blog Pics ) )


( There's like 160 pics so brace yourself! ) )

Did you enjoy all those? Cos I did!! But I need MORE!!!! xD

Credit to rightful owners: TVGuide, Okepi, DBoys Blogs and Twitter etc.