06 February 2017 @ 07:42 pm
I saw this one last Monday and it’s supposed to be a historical/comedy.

Official Site here.
Trailer here. << I normally don’t watch trailers and I usually hate how spoilery trailers are these days but this one manipulates what to expect very well xD
Teaser here. In case you wanna no real explanation


This is a historical comedy where Ayase Haruka’s character goes to Kyoto to meet her boyfriend’s family, but the hotel she booked at says she’s booked in for the month after and that they’re completely full for the duration of her stay, leaving her with no where to stay. So she wanders the streets of Kyoto until she comes upon the hotel ‘Honnouji Hotel’ which has a room available for her. And thus shenanigans ensure where when she takes the elevator she ends up in Honnouji Temple 1582 June 21st (the day before Honnouji no Hen), rather than the 6th floor of the hotel.


This was actually genuinely funny. I know Japan sometimes labels stuff as comedy but no one ends up laughing because it tends to be really off beat comedy but this movie was ACTUALLY funny. We were all wetting ourselves in the cinema and in fact I was laughing to most (which says a lot if a foreigner is finding the comedy more enjoyable and totally understandable compared to the rest of the Japanese population in the cinema xD that or they laugh a LOT quieter than I do xD) I do admit, I’m a BIG laughter when a joke gets to me which this movie did on several occasions. I really enjoyed the story too and how the time traveling worked. The characters were all amusing and had their traits and when you take the comedy away, the story itself holds up very well. Also, if you know anything about Honnouji no Hen (which this is centered around) then you’ll completely understand me when I say; from the mid-point I did nothing but cry. I was in such streams of tears! I think I was the only one to be honest but for some reason I have this HUGE emotional connection to Oda Nobunaga and just his story and history at this point in time; I was so heartbroken for the rest of the film. I was a crying wreck but not in a bad way. I highly recommend this film; it’s historical, it’s fun, it’s funny and (if you’re like me) sweet, emotional and touching. Bittersweet almost actually.

Rating: 8/10



( Honnouji no Hen ) )


And that’s my review! Hope you enjoyed it!! ^_^
17 January 2017 @ 01:32 am

I've literally just come back from the cinema after watching this! I saw it was on the schedule list yesterday and thought 'I must watch this asap!!' So I did! So first things first is the official stuff and credits:

Official Site here
Press Release and Coverage 1, 2, 3 (*also photo credit)
Trailer / Teaser 1, 2


Sato Ryuji = Shinji
Sato Hisanori = Nao
Akazawa Tomoru = Aoi
Nogawa Taichi = Dai
Takano Kenji = KenKen
Kuroba Mario = Kiyoshi

There are more but... shhh...


PS. I'm gunna change the format up again so let me know which you prefer: non-spoiler / overall comments first or last ^_^

PPS.. Apparently it's Sato Ryuuji's fucking birthday today! So it was the perfect time to watch this movie!! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!! <3 some pic spam xD

( Compulsory Birthday PicSpam ) )

OKAY! Back to the actual review! ....

This was a film I was anticipating anyway and so I jumped at the chance of seeing it asap!


Went into it without knowing what the hell was going to happen and I'm so glad I did! It's not a movie I usually watch because it was very indie or at least had the feel to it as it was a perfect production; it definitely had some sound troubles and some of the shots (like camera looking up to the actors) were too artistic to be coming from one of the (two) big film companies in Japan.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story even though it mentally broke me and my heart was crying at the end (a few real tears did slip out); it's definitely dark, realistic and bittersweet but there's those realistic moments of laughing even in the crappiest times which really warmed my heart <3 I was thoroughly impressed by Kuroba Mario's performance and saw a side of his acting I hadn't seen before. Also Sato Ryuji's smile is one of the most pure things ever!


If you get chance and want to see something a bit indie-esque, watch this! I am impress by it that much! My only complaint is Akazawa Tomoru's acting when he did the angry scene at the beginning; I don't think he's cut out for angry/horrible characters because his yelling just fell flat for me personally; least he tried xD

Rating: 9/10

Now onto ALL the spoilers and story telling!!


To be honest I'd only seen the teaser trailer from MONTHS ago and had no idea what it was about!

( Very detailed! ) )


I did it!!! So let me know which format you prefer ^_^

I should REALLY go to sleep now (almost 2am I think)

Let me know in the comments below!
03 January 2017 @ 06:05 am
Hey guys! Here are the ten things (doramas/movies) I feel I HAVE to watch this year! I also did this last year, so let's do a mini wrap up first! The original post is here.

Last year I had a total of 10 doramas and movies I wanted to get through and the ones I did successfully watch and complete were:

- Joker Game
- ToQger
- Vancouver no Asahi

I found out that I had already previously WATCHED two things that were on my list which were Galileo and Arakawa Under the Bridge Movie so I could cross those off as soon as I started them, I was like 'I'VE SEEN THIS!!! NOOO!' xD

Unfortunately I didn't get to Giam but I am so close to starting it. I also unfortunately didn't get to the newest Jinroh Game because I never go to the rental shop which is the only place I can get it (it's not popular enough to be put up on the internet I don't think) and it is a shame I didn't get to Kagi no Kakatta Heya which I have no excuse for; it's only an SP so I really could get through it easily because SPs are normally just an hour! Silly Alex...

Finally, I completely forgot and pretty much lost interest in Freeter, Ie wo Kau and Kisarazu Cat's Eye and I have no intention of getting to them anytime soon.

So I technically got through 50% of my list so... success?? Nah it's not a success because I really am upset I didn't get to Giam or Kagi no Kakatta Heya....

NOW for this year's list!!

( 10 solid picks me think ) )

And I am going to unofficially keep Kamen Rider Giam and Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP on this too!

So that's a total of 12 10!

What things do you want to watch this year?
02 December 2016 @ 10:24 am

I watched this on Monday and I'd held it off for ages because I just wasn't in the mood but I DID want to see it before they stopped showing it at the cinema so I took the opportunity on Monday afternoon.


Official Website
Trailers and Teasers 1, 2, 3, 4
And because Japan can't get enough of it: Ryuk doing PPAP



If you didn't know this is set 10 years after the original movies and 6 Death Notes have landed in the human world and naturally it causes mayhem and everyone in the world remembers the original Death Note outburst. The Japanese police are working with L's successor who goes by Ryuuzaki in order to find the new Kira and collect the 6 Death Notes.


( Spoilers follow after the Non-Semi-Spoilers ) )


Overall: This is very enjoyable and a high quality productions and I really loved Ikematsu and Suda's performances. I also love Misa's role in this story. However, the story was very predictable and used no new tricks and the ending got a little confusing. But I still say it's worth a watch and the entertainment value.
Rating: 7/10
24 August 2016 @ 12:13 pm

I watched this last Wednesday and oh man this is exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting to get! And it was better than expected! By the way; does everyone like my new icon? Cos I do! xD

Official Site Here
Trailer Video Here


Minami Keisuke
Baba Ryoma
Tamoto Soran
Matsumoto Hiroya
Aramaki Yoshihiko
Ogasawa Ken


The year is 20XX and 12 20-something year olds have been picked randomly through My Number (it's like the social security system) and will dicuss whether Article 9 should stay in motion, or if it should be completely scrapped. What THEY don't know is that their decision will officially decide the answer for the government.

If you don't know what Article 9 is then... seriously?! But I'll tell you anyway:

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution came into effect on May 3, 1947, following World War II. It stops Japan from having an official army and cannot go to war unless (as of a recent interpretation) an allied country is the one being attacked.

That's the quick jist of it anyway. Go and do your research if you wanna learn more. OR just watch this film because...

( This movie impressed me so hard! ) )


And that's my review! I'm mostly likely and most definitely gunna get this and it's making on DVD xD

Overall: I was so impressed with this movie! If you don't know what Article 9 is then don't worry because this movie explains it in great detail. I really liked the arguments that came up in this movie and there were some amazing performances and some amazing scenes, especially from Baba <3 I freaking loved the ending too and what so impressed with many things that happened in this. I'm definitely Against Article 9 though and this movie definitely solidified my view of this. Everyone should watch this; whether it be educational reasons, political reasons, historical reasons or just because you're interested in Japan!
Rating: 9/10
10 August 2016 @ 11:08 am
This is a sequel so if you haven't watched the first movie then probs don't go reading this. Unless you don't care then go ahead. Here's the review for the first movie.


( The plot twist!! ) )

Also at the cinema there was a SIGNED poster from the cast! And we were allowed to take pics <3



Also the cinema was advertising Article 9! Which has Baba, Takachan, Makichan, Aiba, some seriously great stage actors! So I'm defo gunna try and see it too!


Overall: This was scary. It's a horror, what do you expect? But I was SO impressed with the plot twist and the cinematography and how gorgeous everyone looked! Aoki defo stole the show! But that ending was messed up!
Rating: 7/10
05 August 2016 @ 08:46 pm
This is actually more of a 'me trying to understand what the hell I saw' rather than a review.


( What did I just watch ) )

I THINK I liked the movie.... there were definitely points I enjoyed and I was definitely left with a bunch of messages to figure out but... I wouldn't watch it again.

If you've seen it and wanna help me figure this mess out, or just wanna give your thoughts on what you've read above then just comment below ^_^
21 June 2016 @ 04:01 pm
I watched this yesterday!


Before going into it, I had see the poster, knew who was in it and wanted to see it based on the posters feel and the actors. Cos who would pass up a chance to see Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki together! They are the perfect duo! Mozu, Double Face, Ryuusei Wagon and now this!! These two seriously. So yes, I went in not knowing a lot and oh boy oh boy, I was not prepared.

( My brain and my heart ) )


Overall: The best movie I've seen ALL year! << so far at least. It was suspensful, I felt creeped out the entire time, everyone is off, something just isn't right the entire time! While it's definitely SLOW paced, it messes with your head and the mystery keeps you entertained! Just wish we'd had a bit more explanation here and there.
Rating: 9/10!

I watched this film back in.... like January! o_O Sorry it took me so long!! But I can clearly remember this film which is good! ^_^ my review for the two part SP that you MUST watch before seeing the movie is here.


This was sexy!! I defo felt myself get hot a few time. It's rare we get a Japanese production that goes past the 'Japanese people don't really kiss on screen' stereotype which was really nice and it also made this movie all the more exciting because you wasn't sure how FAR they would take it. And they defo went back what I expected! I definitely expected proper kissing but there were extra that I was just thrilled to see xD and made my heart race haha

( Heartracing! ) )


Overall: It's probs best to watch this movie when no one is around cos I got a lil hot in the cinema while I was watching it. For a Japanese film, this definitely goes past the 'Japanese people don't really kiss on screen' stereotype. Oh my. This was a great conclusion and I liked the ending! A lot of fun and very sexy!! ^_^
Rating: 8/10
31 May 2016 @ 12:07 pm
Watched this yesterday!! ^_^


I'd already watched the anime before watching this but it no way prepared me for the feels I had!

( THE FEELS! ) )


Overall: Once again Yamazaki picked a damn good HS romance film to do! First Heroine Shikakku, then Orange and now this! And everytime he's play the MC a little differently! I loved this! It was more serious than most HSromances (usually there's a lot of comedy) and there wasn't here. I super felt for ALL the charatcers and I cried HARD at the end just cos I could relate so well or really feel the feels <3
Rating: 8.5/10
30 May 2016 @ 10:02 am
I watched this LAST monday. It's part 2 to the Chihayafuru series! Part 1's review is here.


( Don't read if you were expecting mainly positive ) )


Overal: This is another movie (like Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) where the second movie suffers from 'Second Movie blues' where it's no where near as fun as the first installment and suddenly becomes all serious. Which is a shame cos naturally I was a little disappointed. BUT it's still got karuta moments and it's great seeing their friendship grow and I did share a tear again BUT the ending was also disappointing.
Rating: 5.5/10
17 May 2016 @ 03:55 pm
Watched this yesterday! (yes I realise I'm still behind on a shit ton).

I went with my friend who is a Terra Formars manga reader, but me not having done any homework (for once) went in with the expectations of:
- lots of action
- episodic fighting missions
- something similar to GANTZ in terms of fights, violence and relationships between the characters.
I'd like to say I was half proven right ^_^

( Spoilrs ) )


Overall: I was entertained and I really enjoyed what I saw but it wasn't enough; it felt like one big introduction to this world and I need a part 2 asap! This was a VERY highly produced product (yet another big budget movie from Japan!) and it was visually pleasing and the CG was great and the end song is so catchy! I was very impressed by the English in this too. Didn't need to read the subtitles for most of that time they spoke English but of course there were a few dodgy pronouncing parts xD second movie please?
Rating: 6.5/10
02 May 2016 @ 04:56 pm
Remember: SPOILERS!

Chihayafuru Kami no Ku

Now I haven't read the manga but I love Mackenyu and Nomura so I HAD to see this. Also we all know I'm a sucker for high school romance xD

( Karuta <3 ) )


Overall: I really enjoy this movie! The concept interests me, the character arcs were great and you could see a real development in them. The competitions were shot well and very suspenseful. I was very emotional for this movie and I had a real connection with one of the characters. The ending killed me and I need(ed) more asap! The only negative is the small amount of Mackenyu we get in this first film ='[
Rating: 7/10
29 April 2016 @ 04:16 pm
About time I made my review about this! Watched it about... 4 weeks ago? So here I am!

Assassination Classroom: Graduation

I was SO looking forward to seeing this and I even forced my coworker to watch part one the night before if they wanted to watch this movie with me the next day! I really enjoyed part one and was before nervou and excited to see this second and concluding part! As usual: SPOILERS!

( Gay moments of course ) )


Overall: If you watched part 1 then of course please watch this concluding chapter BUT, it is a disappointing final installment. It was well shot, some great action scenes but overall, too slow and the fun and magic of the first film just weren't there. Least there's gay-ish moments though ^_^
Rating: 6/10
26 April 2016 @ 03:42 pm
This is a little different for me but I still wanted to see it! I saw it yesterday ^_^

I am a Hero

I originally thought this would be a zombie comedy judging by the trailer and the fact that it's supposed to be about a normal guy becoming a hero due to being thrown into a zombie apocalypse but, it turned out to be a lot more gory, slow paced and serious, which was a suprise and a nice surprise. Let's get into more details. Remember, possible SPOILERS!

( My love for Hiromi and Hideo! ) )


Overall: Very high produced movie with great SFX and zombie make up! Focused a lot more on the human emotions and was a lot darker than I was expecting. I really enjoyed the main characters but unfortunately the film let a lot of questions go unanswered and there was no real resolution which is a shame =[
Rating: 7/10
04 March 2016 @ 02:00 pm

I watched this... February 11th? I think xD It's been so long but I still remember the movie! But let's get onto the review!
My review of the dorama can be found here.

( OKITA!!! ) )


Overall: This movie was a bit of a disappointment but an improvement from the dorama in my opinion. It definitely had it's moments of being funny and sweet and interesting but there was predictability and some unexplained (probably because I have a crappy memory) things that confused me. BUT I will definitely marathon the dorama and the movie (and they did a stage too right? That's getting a DVD right?!) together once it's all out on DVD cos I do overall enjoy these! It's just they ain't the best made or best exceuted thing I've seen.
Rating: 6.5/10
01 February 2016 @ 02:50 pm
I am most likely at the cinema watching another film as we speak so it's about time my Pink and Grey review came out!!

( Spoilers ) )

Overall: If this doesn't win some awards this year, I'll be shocked! The cinematography, the acting, and the colouring was amazing as well as the story itself was absorbing (even if the second half is slightly less good). And [ profile] tbscreenrider, I think you'll really enjoy this! You seem to like the slow burns and the artistic type and this is exactly that!

Rating: 9/10
16 December 2015 @ 02:04 pm

It finally came out!! Unfortunately I didn't manage to read all the manga before it came out - I got half way - but the manga is so good that I'm gunna finish it anyway ^_^ Onto the review!!

( I wrote quite a bit ) )

Overall: 8/10 - not as emotional as the manga and the movie really loses the shock-factor when it comes to revealing moments that occur - in the manga they're so shockery and always a cliffhanger. Decent acting overall but it's really unfair that Yama keeps being given the same role. Also I wanted a bit more from the end scene. The locations, cinematography, scene transitions, music were all beautiful! Second half was a lot better than the first half also,
28 September 2015 @ 11:47 pm

Watched it about an hour ago so here we go with the review! And I think you'll be partially shocked...


Rule One: Forget the origins of Shingeki no Kyojin and just take this version for what it is. Once you're in that mindset, I think (just like me) you'll enjoy the second half a LOT more than the first movie! Yes you heard it here for: I enjoyed it!

( the end of the review ) )


Overall Rating: 7/10
Overall Thoughts: I enjoyed this one a LOT more than the first one and I knew I would when I saw the trailer at the end of the last film. This was action packed, Hanjo was hilarious, so many gay moments <3 but of course it had it's down, mainly one certain person and that DAMN ending!!!! RAGE! But was an improvement from the first film. I would say if you watched the first then defo invest time in the second film (with the mind set of no comparing it to the anime/manga) but if you didn't see the first and have no real interest or intention to then don't even attemp to watch these two films.
07 September 2015 @ 08:03 pm

In less than 3 days ANOTHER Live Action film was announced today with Yamazaki!!!!! And it is another of who's anime I have seen and loved!! And once again, it is another male lead with a completely different personality to what he's played before (he might be similar to his L-DK character but that's the only one he's similar to).

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
Filming is set for December
Release is set for May 2016 (PLEASE BE ON MY BIRTHDAY!)

So look forward to a Watch-a-long in March-ish xD

I've already watched the anime and seriously enjoyed it! It's a bit stereotypical BUT I still enjoyed it.
Also, I'm neutral towards the actress BUT I can't imagine her playing the brat that the character is.