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2011.04.02 Usui Blog Translation  

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Usui looks amazing xD Haha ooo dear me o_O

Romaji Translation

Ousama no buranchi ♪

Usui desu!
Ato choi de Ousama no Buranchi ♪
Ima ha taiki naka ♪

Kinchou do MAX -tsu!!

Demo, minna-san zehi mite kudasai!!

Adu ranchi

English Translation

2nd April 2011
The King's Brunch/Branch*

It's Usui!
A short time on Ousama no Buranchi ♪
We are on standy right now ♪
Tension MAX!/Maxium Suspense!!!**
But, everyone please watch it!!

Adieu*** launch/lunch****

* Can be either when translated. I think Brunch sounds better xD ALSO! Ousama no Brunch is actually is TV show! SO! My guess is that they were on about going to a TV show (as you can tell this was wrote before I actually translated it xD)
** Their tension isn't negative, their tension is our extreme excitement, did that make sense?
*** French for goodbye
**** Just take this as Usui being random? xD

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