Monday night I spent my evening watching the hilarious Toei Hero Next. It’s like the third of it’s installment, at least for the gekidan heroes series:

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Suzuki Shougo as Suito
Saito Shunsuke as Kuroda Ken
Baba Ryoma as Mizuno Satoshi
Moritaka Ai as Momose Niina
Nakajima Kaito as Kirijima Reito
Kinjyou Yamato as Aoki Junzou
Maruyama Atsushi as Kinbara Toshiro
Soutarou as Hara
Matsumoto Hiroya as Mysterious Guy
Kubodera Akira as Kiseki Yuji
Hiramaki Jin as Ruri
Hayashi Tsuyoshi as Ran
Tomita Sho as Sou
Fujisawa Reika
Iwasaki Nami
Hata Mizuho

AfterTalk Guests: Watanabe Tsurugi and Ise Daiki.


Kinbara is in a writing slump which means Gekidan Bazooka are without scripts and things to perform until then, so they decide to try out being hosts at Club Jewel, but soon they get caught up in an attempted murder, but with no script to guide them, they have to improv. their way to figure out what really happened.


This was so fun. I laughter so hard for 2 hours straight. The scripted comedy, the improvised parts, the accidental mistakes and the aftertalk was ALL hilarious. I very much enjoyed myself and it was very refreshing to watch - I expected to be super tired after doing 3 stages and 2 events the week prior - but this was so easy to watch and so easy to be entertained and is a lot of fun! Baba Ryoma is just the king of being over-energetic and funny in an ugly way, Sho-san definitely controlled the AfterTalk and everyone was definitely onboard with whatever crazy requests and daily challenges (higawari) and improvs that came their way. I really hope they do a next install me. And it’s so freaking cool seeing the entire cast and going ‘holy moly they ALL did sentai!’ it’s badass having that realisation in the middle of the play.

Rating: 8/10


The first few parts won’t be spoilerly, so you can read up to the ‘read more’ line without worrying ^_^

When I first walked in, I realised I had an aisle seat... and THEN I realised it was a host set up on the stage... AND THEN I realised there were stairs leading up to the stage, and I was just like ‘oh shit please do not come my way and approach me’ ... my heart was racing anytime they came down the stairs or towards me o_O

( Shinpainaisa! ) )


And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed the review ^_^

Omg we are finally at the last ever review I have left to do before I'm ALL caught up! Holy moly! I've taken my time haven't I?! SORRY!


Pre-Show Worries

I have to admit I was rather worried for this one because of the hard time I'd had understanding the first time I watched BASARA as well as not being completed satisfied the first time around (although we could just blame the fact EVERYONE around me was falling asleep and that's the reason why -__-) - see review here. But I obviously had to go this time because Shiramata was still on my 'Keeping an Eye on List' (see here). But they REALLY stepped up their game in this one! It was either because I understood the story this time or because they got a new writter, or it was just purely a better production but DAMN I was so impressed this time around! I had no worries at all and I actually seriously laughed and enjoyed myself this time! PHEW!




Shono Akihisa as Date Masamune
Matsumura Ryunosuke as Sanada Yukimura
Inoue Masahiro as Katakura Kojuro
Shiina Taizo as Sarutobi Sasuke
Isaki Tatsuya as Maeda Keiji
Saito Shuusuke as Shima Sakon
Shiramata Atsushi as Chosokabe Motochika
Nakayama Yuki as Hisahiko
Yamaguchi Tomoya as Takezo
Taniguchi Masashi as Akechi Mitsuhide
Akira as Uesugi Kenshin
Mamori Asana as Saiga Magoichi
Juri as Sen no Rikyu
Shiozaki Ire as Goto Matabe
Karahashi Mitsuru as Oda Nobunaga

The Story

If you don't know the story of Honnouji then why are we still friends? xD No in all honesty I understand that most people in this world don't know about Japanese history so here's a mini synopsis:

Oda Nobunaga is growing stronger in Japan and was currently at the height of his power when he began sending his generals aggressively into all directions to continue his military expansion. He also ordered Akechi Mitshide to go and help Hideyoshi. Oda then travelled to Honnou Temple (Honnouji), a place that was his usual resting place when he stopped by in Kyoto. Mitsuhide saw this as his chance to betray Oda and led his army toward Kyoto. Before dawn, the Akechi army surrounded the templed and Oda ended up committing suicide (which was an honourable death back in the day because it was better to die by your own hand than it was to die in the hands over your enemy).

Now to talk about the plot that actually happened in the stage (which is definitely not 100% historically accurate btw so be more cautious is plot):

( ALL the action! ) )


Overall: Wow that was a MASSIVE improvement from the first stage I saw of! Action everywhere! Humour everywhere! I had an aisle seat, so EVERYONE went past me, and my poor heart couldn't cope! xD The after talk was hilarious too. I have a fav character now too which is awesome! This WAS supposed to be my last BASARA BUT if it's these actors again.... I might be persuaded xD
Rating: 8/10
26 July 2016 @ 01:07 pm

I seriously thought I'd already done this one! =O but I can't find the post anywhere! Oh dear... so here we go!


My seat was at the back BUT it was so good! And I felt the atmosphere was more relaxed. There were a lot of mean in their 30s, 40s, 50s around me and they were real casual and would laugh loud whenever something was genuinely funny so I felt comfortable enough to let me real laugh out and they weren't like sat straight like most girl-dominated audiences are and it really helped the atmosphere and everything become more enjoyable - do this make sense? The same happened at Mata Aou - for some reason the older audiences are much calmer and more relaxed and free to chat a little and laugh a lot and even heckle and yell at the actor during the curtain call and stuff. It's interesting the difference. I like both the 'all us fangirls are here to support the actors and we will be the perfect audience' and the 'we just wanna be entertained' atmospheres that I've experienced this far. But anyway!

This was a play I'd been eyeing since like... March but I never bought a ticket and literally the moment stills of the stage came out, I was kicking myself and was like 'I KNEW I wanted to go! I still want to go! Fuck it, I'll go!' and so the next day I ran to Shinjuku afterwork to get a Toujitsuken xD

The story is... there's this war against the evil aliens (like there is in ALL super sentais) and 6 kids drink this potion and get put into a coma for like 40 years while the potion does it's thing and when they wake up, 5 of them are super human (one unfortunately woke up from the coma quickly and didn't gain any powers and is now old) and can now fight the bad guys. BUT only Baba's character is interested in defeating them; the other 5 are like 'lets go to an onsen instead!' or 'why do we have to fight?' or 'I'm more interesting in looking beautiful!' and stuff, so you can see where the comedy is coming from...

( Full of Laughter ) )


Overall: This was so funny. I was thoroughly entertained and laughing so hard! The atmosphere is always more relaxed when there's more older people in the audience and I was surrounded by them and none of us were afraid of dying of laughter which is good ^_^ being able to see Baba in the flesh was a gift <3 and I really really enjoyed JP's role and definitely showed a different side to him! I cannot wait for this DVD! I highly recommend it!
Rating: 8/10