I watched D-Stage 20th: Jyuudou Shounen (Judo Boys) Monday night and it was a LOT of fun with so many things going wrong throughout which added to the hilarity.

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Miyazaki Shuuto
Miyazaki’s Parents (played by Mitsuya - mother and Ikeoka - father)
Mitsuya Mitchell Ryo
Ikeoka Ryousuke
Arai Atsushi
Shison Jun (played by Mitsuya Ryo)
Negishi Takuya (played by Arai Atsushi)
Nishi Yukito (played by Ikeoka)
Voices of Shiramata Atsushi and Maeyama Takahisa
Sakurai Minami
Kobayashi Masahiro


This was so funny! I didn’t stop laughing! Some parts were obviously planned and were supposed to be funny but quite a few things went wrong when I went and even the actors couldn’t not laugh which added to the hilarity. It’s a simple story and the comedy is definitely the selling point here. Seeing their close interactions is great too!

Rating: 9/10 << might be in the race to be my favourite D-Stage! But I’ll have to rewatch it to decide that finally.


First I will talk about the story:

Basically Miyazaki Shuuto* has always been told to aim for the Olympics but he doesn’t see the point; he’s on a losing streak, he doesn’t want to go to the Olympics, he doesn’t even think he likes it anymore. Then thanks to a trip to Tokyo with his Judo buddies, he has his first love, finds a rival and discovers what he really wanted to do and what Judo means to him.

*They’re using their own names for the characters.


Simple enough story right? Which is great because it left a LOT of room for the BIG theme of the play: the comedy. This was absolutely hilarious! A lot of it was planned comedy but unfortunately the day I went, a LOT of things went wrong or happened without the other actors knowing it was going to happen so not only were the audience laughing hard but also the actors were laughing insanely hard too that they had to stop the play a little so both actor and audience could calm down xD Which means it as a lot of great fun!

To be honest, when I first got my ticket and it was Row Z and the site said row Z is actually row 3 and a bench seat I kind of panicked because I imagined the type of benches we have to sit on in primary school in England and they are not comfortable! SO I was super worried I’d have to put up with one of those types of benches for a 2 hour plus show BUT when I got there they weren’t really benches; just normal chairs without the back and with a cushion! And my bad didn’t hurt at all! I was comfortable the entire time! Also I was super lucky that the person in front and the person next to me didn’t show up SO I was technically on my own and second row! Which made it SUPER easy for the actors to spot us; seriously the first row could TOUCH the stage without even stretching their arm out! And Mitsuya definitely spotted me and I think Ikeoka looked over a few times -- but being me I kept looking away from IkeP if he so much as seemed to see me, cos I’m a shy girl with my bias’ xD


Anyway! Now to the parts of the play I wanna focus and talk about! First let’s talk about the PLANNED comedy okay?

( let the hilarity ensue ) )


Final note:

This stage was a godsend in terms of reconfirming and reaffirming my love for IkeP. He did amazing in Yuhiden and Litche Hikari Club at the end of 2015 and that’s where I fell for him so I went into 2016 super hopeful for him but he only ended up doing like ONE play and ONE dorama and that was April and September, so I was super worried for his career and worried I wouldn’t be able to see more of him BUT we’re only in February and already he’s got a dorama airing, he’s doing a stage now and he’s definitely got Dansui stage in May! So he’s already doing more this year which makes me a super happy bunny and seeing him (finally!, again!) in this on Monday really helped me remember ‘ah yes I love this idiot’ xD he really is hilarious and cute!!


That’s all I got to say really. I am very much looking forward to the DVD! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable play! Seriously, a lot of fun and I didn’t stop laughing for over 2 hours!
23 November 2016 @ 11:39 pm

I watched this yesterday! I funnily enough I've been following KuroMyu pretty much since it first came out on DVD by some random coincidence I came across the musicals and enjoyed them (obviously this was after I began reading the manga but... I think before I even started the anime!!). So I was SUPER pumped to see this! Especially because they were gunna be doing one of my favourite arcs in the world; the circus arc!! <3

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I will admit the stage looked freaking amazing on standby and it had some many thngs going on and it loked super kool!
I was also somehow lucky enough to get an arena seat which I've never experienced at Tokyo Dome City Hall before!! So I felt super VIP because I know how hard it is to get a ticket for arena for like Tenimyu and I know KuroMyu is super popular too so I think myself miraculously lucky to get such a seat!


The musical started with two comedic people coming on stage and doing tricks like juggling and playing with kendama and it was very funny, also some people walked in later while they were walking around the arena and they stalked them over to their seats and then asked another girl who she'd come for and such and if the tricks ever went wrong they were like 'It's cos I'm not taking it seriously yet' xD

I'm not going to discuss the plot, I'm sure you can find the summary of the circus arc here.

Okay let's do ALL the aesthetics first

( There are criticisms so you've been warned ) )

Okay I'm done! How many want to kill me?


Overall: While I was super impressed with the entire look of it all and those kid actors were/are seriously amazing. I felt too much of what Kuroshitsuji is supposed to be was cut out for the sake of replacing it with the entertainment-factor, which is not what I want from my Kuroshitsuji's.
Rating: 6.5/10 << Yes I understand I said a lot of positives in this review but I already don't particularly feel anything for this musical so I can't really put it anything above a 7 or something.
I watched this on Tuesday and it was the black version so the main cast was Jinnai Sho and not Mitsuya Ryo.


I went into this play expecting it to be serious and dark because A. it's about Sakamoto Ryoma so you'd assume it'd be a historical and about his life and B. I've never watched a Caramel Box productions but because they have a lot of older actors, I expected them to do more serious roles.

Oh boy I was wrong!

This was hilarious!!

( Longer than expected xD ) )


Overall: I got the complete opposite of what I was expecting and I enjoyed it SO much! While watching it, I was reminded just how amazing D-Boys are and just how much I love them <3 Wish I had the time and money to see the WHITE version. The story is actually really simple and stupid but once you include the comedy and the action, it's really enjoyable!
Rating: 7/10

I asked a few questions in this post so incase you forgot, or in case you only read the non-spoiler review: Can you let me know of roles and productions where:
- MaeChan's played a darker, rougher role without a hint of femininity
- Mitsuya's played a non-cute role
- Yamada's played something other than a salary man who's set in his ways and is thus annoying.
06 March 2016 @ 12:38 pm

I had two plays this day and I started it off with the afternoon, 2pm show of Show by Rock!! Prior to seeing this I had watched the anime and been playing the game!

( Let the hilarity ensue! ) )


Overall: The story is pretty decent but ultimately a safe plot, but turns out it's the same plot as what was in the anime, only more male characters based. << That's literally my only negative for the entire play I think! The music, sounds, costumes, lighting, use of cg, humour and acting are all amazing! I was entertained from start to finish! I love how hilarious this was and how talented they all were in feeding off the crowds laughter and reactions! The nice extra surprises like the cooking apron and the mini live and giving prizes away were nice touches too. Also: RAMEN!!!
Rating: 8/10
21 December 2015 @ 03:44 pm

I watched this last week! ^_^


( A shot every time I mention someone's hair! ) )


Overall: I really enjoyed this! Just like everyone else before me, the theme was great! It was a great ride to be able to go back and see all the past productions they've done (even though out of all the ones they showed, I've only watched TRUMP) but it was also great to see the D2Boys take the roles of their senpais. I found it thoroughly entertaining, a lot of fun and it definitely got emotional at the end. BUT I wouldn't say it was better than D LIVE 2015, I'd say they're both great and both have amazing points and both have some not so good points (maybe?) so I like them both and will definitely rewatch this after I've seen all the D-Stage, I think at that point, it'll have a much more meaningful impression on me ^_^ Also, Mitsu has WAY too much energy! But it's adorable <3

What did you think? Did you prefer 2014 to 2015? What parts are your favourite? What parts made you cry? Let me know about everything!
19 December 2015 @ 11:09 pm

Here I am!!!! The Truth Version is here. Let's get straight into it shall we, Elite-sama?

* This version of Reverse was better quality than what I had of Truth, but still I need more HQ!! xD Fingers crossed the DVDs (when I get them shhh) are better but I am still VERY greatful to the people who uplaoded both versions! ^_^

So yes first is my Play by Play:

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Overall: I really liked this version too. There was a lot more gayness in this version and it was interesting seeing every doing each other's role. They definitely all played the characters different. BUT, I do prefer Truth; Truth is much more funny and I feel they fit their characters more in Truth rather than Reverse. Nevertheless, I will still continue to watch both version >.<

Also, I am way too obsessed with this stage play and need something else to obsess over -- any suggests?! I've already rewatched Truth like 10 times and Reverse about 4 times in less than two weeks! I put it on EVERY night before I go to sleep! o_O I need help xD
08 December 2015 @ 10:15 pm

So this past week I have been heavily obsessed with this play. I've watched it like 5 times xD And I've finally ended up with two pages full of notes and I wanna share them with you all!

First as always is my play-by-play then my overall thoughts at the end and possible pic-spamming xD I will also have text in italics for any comments that I made during my 2nd - 5th watchthrough of it and possibly a (number) stating which time it was that I'd made the comment xD sound complicated but hopefully won't be! SO! Here we go!!


( Hella long! ) )

Overal Thoughts:
When this play first got announced way back in 2012, I immiediatly wanted to watch it! I was more hyped after seeing the photoshoot trailer! But cos I was in England I couldn't watch it. And in true MP style I started watching this play without knowing what the hell it's about, cos I do that with ALL D-Stage plays xD And oh man oh man, when it introduced that it's about vampires. I was fucking on board; for good or for bad cos I freaking LOVE vampires!

I enjoyed this so much!!1 Like omg the story was interesting, ALL the characters were doing something interesting all the time! The use of the stage was amazing! The transition between scenes was amazing! My mind was blown quite a few times and I wasn't really expecting many of the reveals even though the theory had crossed my mind! Omg I loved this. D-Boys did it again!! Every single time they produced something seriously amazing!!! I have so many favourite things from this play and even on my 5th watch I was still heavily laughing at the same things!! The person/characters who stood out the most was obviously JunJun cos I have a sick attraction to crazy, evil characters as well all know from my obsession with Hirugo from Yuhiden >.< but Angelico was just <33 My least favourite, surprisingly, is Ul but for no realy reason, he just didn't catch my eye as much as the other people but his scenes were definitely touching! What other praise can I give without spoiling much... the sync! They all sync so well together! <3 But we knew that anyway cos D-Boys always get along well xD

I honestly have two negatives and they ain't really negativres:
1. Jun's laugh was a little weak for his character but I enjoyed his laugh none the less <3
2. I need a prequel, sequel and three more hours of this please!!!!

But yes, this is amazing. Everyone should watch it! Especially vampire lovers! It's a nice twist on the vampire theme!


( Truth Only! ) )

And there we have my review of TRUMP!!
Also, if anyone has any TRUMP pictures that weren't on the d2boys tumblr (yes all my pictures are from there!!), then please share!! xD GIFs would be even more perfect!
21 May 2015 @ 12:16 pm
Today is the first day of Garantido and while I am super jealous I can't go and see it, I am also SUPER excited for it! xD Furthermore, Tomo hasn't updated his blog since March 31st and while fellow members have posted pictures with him, meaning he is alive and well, it makes me sad not to hear from him directly so this is another way of me getting my Tomo love and daily dose of him out there <3 ENJOY!

2015.02.22 RUP Blog

2015.04.13 Twitter/Blog

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Here are the blogs/twitters where I get all my stalker pics from:

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Hopefully LOADS of official pictures will make their way onto the net over the next 24 hours! Also, I think I need some new icons for my LJ xD

Are you looking forward to this stage play/musical? Are you able to see it?!
29 July 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Normally I make icons just for myself and then share them for everyone to enjoy, but today I made some by special request of [ profile] yuukisan. She has done so much for me, she deserves it for all the work she puts in in [ profile] setogifaday so I hope she likes the goodies I have made her and I don't mind making more nor making some for others ^^ ANYWAYS ENJOY!

Emma Watson x8
Hamao Kyousuke x2
Yanagishita Tomo x7
Miura Ryousuke x2
Miura Ryousuke and Watanabe Shuu x2
Dakota Fanning x4
SeTomo (Seto Koji and Yanagishita Tomo) x2
Mitsuya Ryo x2
Arata Horii x1
Araki Horifumi x11

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31 August 2011 @ 10:19 pm

SUCH a funny and good film! One part confused me though =S

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14 July 2011 @ 02:37 pm

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I want that Sushi!!!

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