23 February 2017 @ 04:28 pm


( Picspam of Appreciation for the BD Boy! ) )


Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did !! ^_^
10 April 2016 @ 09:58 am

Yep my ranking is finally here! xD

1. JET - Do I need to explain why this is first place? It's freaking AMAZING!!! I feel so powerful and hyped when I listen to this song!! I SO wish they were performing this at 10Ks but they're not =[ I love every moment of this song! Every part is my favourite part!
2. GREATEST JOURNEY - I was stuck between this and UNLOCK taking 2nd place but this one wins only slightly. I feel this song is yet it fits them perfectly especially when we think of the silly and stupid things they get up to xD and the PV is great!! OMG when Ueda holds up the TakoYaki xD I love the Kame and Maru's first lines in this song <3 I also love the dorky dance in this xD It's just a really great feel good song and instantly puts me in a good mood - it's pretty fun to sing at Karaoke too haha
3. UNLOCK - YAMANEKO! I love the opening to this even though I have no idea what Kame whispers at the beginning xD I really like the PV for this too. They used so many camera techniques in it and it was very cool!! This song also puts me in a good mood. But damn, have you seen the lyric? The amount of English and the actual grammar and sentences in English don't exactly make sense xD And it's difficult to sing at Karaoke. BUT I love this song and reminds me of YamaNeko every time and we all know how much I love YamaNeko!! I really like Ueda's voice in this song =] I love the instrumental part towards the end too and Kame's little moment after it 'oh come on baby' <3
4. 雨に咲く哀、夜に泣く藍 - I love the melody to this song <3 I really like the chorus too <3 I just... I love every part of this song too! I was marathoning the GANTZ manga one time while I listened to this song, so (kind unfortunately) I get depressing images of people ripping monsters to shreds in my head while I listen to this. This song also strangely reminds me of all the times I've gone to see stage plays and so everytime I listen to this I remember all the theatres I've been to, see myself going to my seat and watching the different plays on stage - I don't know why my head has linked this song to stage plays cos I haven't been to any since this single came out o_O My favourite two parts are the lower, quiet parts at the end of the Chorus and of course Kame's solo moment towards the end ^_^
5. HONESTY - this song is nice and calming and I think is a good spring song ^_^ it reminds me of a spring sunny day whenever I listen to this.Kame's solo at 3:20 <3

Yes, as you can tell I LOVE this single <3

Here are the member cards I got in mine and of course I got the YamaNeko UNLOCK special CD too with the (I wanna say) drink mat! ^_^


What did you think of this single??
31 March 2016 @ 10:57 am
[ profile] daftdragon wanted some 3-nin icons so I attempted to make some. Bare in mind that I've not made graphics in months so they definitely ain't the best. And like DD, I had trouble finding a picture where I could fit ALL three of them in one icon. So if anyone has any three-nin photos (old or new) then please be sure to link me below! Also sorry for posting days in a row this week, I just got a lot to catch up on xD

I hope you like them!

+ Comment if taking
+ Critics and compliment welcome!
+ Want more?
+ Made by ME!
+ Images from Tumblr and rightful owners!
+ Friend locked in a week!
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( Celebration galore! ) )



Current Music: The D-Motion - KAT-TUN <3
22 March 2016 @ 11:10 am
「君の夢 ぼくのユメ」is just a crying song... And it's really not the best they've done..... It's pretty meh to be honest but this is only my first listen through opinion.

Which is disappointing cos it's like their LAST song but we had two amazing singles before this so really can't complain.

Nice hearing a three-nin though.
27 November 2015 @ 06:20 pm
So it's been a few days and while I'm still mad, I think I have a more coherent train of thought now.
But I have several opinions in my head that clash with each other, so lets get through them.

1. JE is at fault.
Now the rumours of Junno leaving because of marriage (and possible pregnancy) are the biggest rumour going around at the minute. Yet, we know that there are several Johnny's who are married and have kids and they're kool with that, so why not Junno? Hence why, in one opinion, I blame JE cos obvious it's fine for everyone else to be like this but not Junno/KAT-TUN?

2. JE is at fault part 2
I don't blame Junno or KAT-TUN for Junno leaving and I seriously think that Junno and KT are once again the victims in this and it's actual JE, once again, who are being the bitches. Honestly, Junno seems to be the LAST person to start arguments or anything with the higher ups and such. He's a sweetie so it makes me worry that JE are the bastards in all this for one reason or another and that's why he's leaving.

3. Worried about Junno
So clearly Junno's been thinking about this for a while and it worries that because both Maru and Uepi mentioned that they tried to talk him out of it several times. Now why would that be? Here are a list of possibilities.
- Junno's heading towards 30. In Japan, it starts getting VERY difficult to find an ordinary job (as Junno himself is implying he's leaving the entertainment world for good) once you hit 30. Which makes me doubt Junno's thought - was he really this naive about the next step in his life? What is his plan?!
- Maru and Uepi knew how much it was gunna kill fans and begged him not to leave purely based on the fact that 'we can't do it to the fans again'.

4. Doubting Junno
I have serious doubts against Junno's decision but obviously I can't make a certain decision until we know the reason. And here's why I doubt him.
- If he is leaving the entertainment buisiness for good, again it goes back to, how the fuck is he gunna be able to find a normal job at his age? I love Junno but he definitely doesn't seem to have that much common sense at times hence why I worry and doubt over this decision A LOT.
- If the marriage rumours are true, has he been pressured by his wife to be to leave the business? He seems the type to pick love over work.
- If the marriage AND pregnancy rumours are true, has he been pressured into become a house husband and she can bring the money in? Once again, he definitely seems the type.
- He didn't console Tokoro George and George was shocked about the news and didn't expect it - Junno has been working with George for over a year now, AND George has known KAT-TUN for like 10 years! So, why didn't he console in such a great senpai? Tokoro's reaction to this news was perfect: "If you quit, what are you going to do?" which is EXACTLY what I'm seriously worrying about. So did Junno not console in George because he knew he'd get this answer and knew he wouldn't be able to answer it? Or is it that, regardless of the fact they've known each other for years, Junno didn't trust George enough to console in him? I'd feel a little hurt and insulted if I was George right now...

5. KAT-TUN are the blame?
I saw an article today that was saying that it's because of Kame's fault that he's leaving. And said that Kame gets angry easily during lives and such if someone has a miss or something. I don't doubt Kame's passion for his work, but honestly, Kame hasn't seemed the type to loss his temper in quite a few years now. In fact, I'd expect Maru or Uepi to scold Junno before Kame does.

6. What Junno is throwing away
Junno has always been a great part of KT and he's always been the one to cheer us up and he's always been the most supportive of KT, so... I don't understand why he's leaving. ESPECIALLY right now. We're coming up to the 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY - it's the shittest timing in the world. Furthermore, Junno didn't START getting serious popular until about 2012/2013 and he's gotten more popular as these past 3 years have gone on. Why is he throwing something away that's ONLY just started? He's only just started getting SOLD OUT merch, he's only just started getting serious attention in things. I honestly thought that this was gunna be his big moment because he's been getting more and more popular and more and more work these past 2/3 years, so why is he suddenly throwing away something that was only just beginning to bloom? =S

I think that's all of them but as you can see, I'm mainly worried about what Junno plans to do next and if he's made the right decision, if he even has made a decision at all... But I guess we can't start getting any closure until the real reason comes out.

And after all this I've had a serious think about KT as a 3.
Originally I thought 'they might as well just break up and go solo' when I first saw the news. But honestly, I've seriously thought about it now and I've noticed that almost ALL year Junno's gotten VERY quiet. He's stopped doing his gags, he's spoken the LEAST on Sekai Ichi, he has the least singing parts in the KT songs, and it's made me realise; these three have been in the spotlight for a LONG time, almost on their own and you know was; They can do it as a 3 - they bloody well can! And just like twitter was saying:

KAmenashi Kazuya
TaTsuya Ueda

I know this sounds harsh but... it looks like fate that even after ALL this, they can STILL spell their names out of KAT-TUN <3 and tbh, I think they've ALWAYS been the three strongest in KAT-TUN (Akanishi was a bastard who I hated, Koki we all knew was always unrulely even though I love him, and yeah Junno balanced them out nicely with his happiness and cheeriness but...) and I now wholeheartedly believe that if they stay as KAT-TUN, I have no doubt in my mind that they'll just keep getting stronger and I have no doubt that it'll work out! The three of them compliment each other so much, both in terms of singing voice AND in personality, even in maturity if we think about it. So I 10000000% believe that KAT-TUN can continue and can still be successful as a 3, AS LONG AS it is those three <3

You can be totally against my opinions (as harsh as some of them seem) and I welcome them! xD
21 July 2015 @ 09:54 am
6 years ago today I discovered KAT-TUN and they've changed my life for the better! Because of them I got happier, I figured out what I wanted to do at uni (Japanese), and also allowed me to find a place I could call home.


Hope you enjoyed that!!
23 February 2015 @ 09:15 pm

I did this for [ profile] kamesanctuary and now as it is finally Kame's birthday, I can post it here! Enjoy! =]

2015.01 Popolo 2

( Loads Under-The-Cut! And I will try and think of better ways to present this in future! ) )



( Fairly Long List of Vocab ) )

Credit goes to me!
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22 February 2015 @ 03:00 pm


And now, 29 pics taken over the past year ^_^ Enjoy!


( Unlock the Kame! ) )

13 January 2015 @ 01:35 pm
Here I am with the final part of my ranking! (before Dead or Alive comes out of course!) The first two parts can be found here and here.

Now I didn't listen to come Here until December - why? Because even though I was in Japan, I didn't have enough money to travel Osaka and see them, I fly back to England the weekend they were in Fukuoka and I didn't have enough money to fly back out for the Countdown so I was feeling very bitter and sad that I couldn't see them live =[ but I finally listened to it just before Christmas and here is my first ranking of the songs:

1. 不滅のスクラム
2. come Here
4. Hide and Seek
5. My Every Time
6. 優しい雨
7. Sunrise
8. Summer Emotion
9. クレセント
10. Break UR Cage
11. フェイク
12. Whenever I Kiss You
13. Star
14. Emerald
15. Triangle
16. To The Limit - I despise this version with a passion! I think this is the first KAT-TUN song I've ever actually holeheartedly disliked. It just doesn't sound right and it sounds like they slowed it down! And why did they redo this song but not 不滅のスクラム nor EXPOSE? Makes no sense!!
17. Art of Life

And now I am currently relistening to the songs now that I've listened to the album fully a number of times. Here is the ranking now (and probably the definite ranking for me):

1. 不滅のスクラム - it's funny to me that this is top because I remember not being all that much in love with it when it first came out compared to now where I'm loving it!
2. come Here - I keep waking up with this song in my head!! xD
3. クレセント - I didn't know/realise there were solos on this album until earlier this week! So that drastically changed my ranking and opinions for some reason xD... this is definitely going to become a drinking song for me as well as a dancing song! Love Maru's voice as usual. it is weird that my favourite part is the second half with all the 'oooh's? xD
4. Triangle
5. Emerald - Because y'know Kame and his beautiful voice <3 I'm a huge sucker for piano songs also. Give me a strong piano and I want to learn the notes asap! And not forgetting the epic (even though it totally doesn't match the song) instrumental dance part in the middle.
6. EXPOSE - I go mental sometimes when I'm feeling this song and yell at the top of my voice xD So sometimes this is at the top with 不滅のスクラム.
7. 優しい雨 - while I dislike the opening to this song, once the lyrics start, I fall in love... I especially love Kame's 'ごめんね' and '「繋いで」 いつでも 君の帰る場所は 必ず 僕が 守りつづける ここで約束するから'. And the ending is so beautful! '優しい この雨 聴きながら'. This is definitely THE crying song of the album </3 And when they sang this on Shounen Premium (this was before I listened to the album!) I fell in love and cried!!!
8. Summer Emotion - Such a great feel good song and an awesome summer song!
10. Whenever I Kiss You - Junno's solo. He never ever has a set type of song that he does. Whereas Kame is also lovey-nice-songs and Maru is dance type songs and Ueda is either something crazy or a ballad, but Junno does every type of song! I really like this song. It's defo not my favourite Junno solo but I'd say ranks 3rd or 4th place. I don't think any solo of his will beat Finale and Flash xD easy song to sway to. I love the 'Don't be shy' line. And let us not forget the midsection dance part! It reminds me of Fresh Prince of Bel Air for some reason.
11. Hide and Seek - anyone else think of AAA instead when they see this title? Just below it's number 11 doesn't mean I dislike it (this is another case of many of things songs could be a 'joint-1st/join-2nd' situation) I really do like it!
12. Art of Life - this is what caught me off guard when I learn there were solos in the album because the first part sounds like Taguchi rapping and then the line or so after that part sounds like Kame but it's Ueda completely?! It totally doesn't sound it! o_O another song I like regardless of it being number 12.
13. My Every Time - I love the first line Kame sings <3 another song that'll make me weep like a child if I ever see it live (even on DVD!) It's totally a climax song! So maybe the one they say bye to everyone in the audience. My one criticism is I really don't like the way it ends.
14. Star - And naturally, the ballads and slow songs are towards the bottom of the list but I have to seriously be in an emtional, ballad state for them to rise to the top on a normal list. This is definitely a song I'd cry to and a song I'd listen to if I couldn't sleep at night. I love listening to ballads on the quiet end to go to sleep to.
15. Break UR Cage - reminds me a lot of Heartbreak Club; I can totally imagine them performing this in suits and in a poker or strip club setting for some reason xD And wtf is a Fantasista?! o_O
16. フェイク - it's rare for me to have a pop/dance so low on the list but the way it changes tone betweem verses and chorus I'm not loving. I love the verse parts but the chorus sounds weak in comparison. But no doubt I'd bounce and sing along if I saw it live.
17. To The Limit - already explained this above.

Not the best album from them but I don't have an album that I dislike so it's all good!

What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!
08 January 2015 @ 05:48 pm
Welcome to part 2 of my KAT-TUN Ranking! Part 1 is here. Now onto: In Fact!

Original Ranking:

1. Dangerous
2. Black
3. My Secret
4. In Fact
5. Believe in Myself
6. Birds

And now for the ranking well, now!

1. In Fact - I love the tune, I love the PV, I love the outfits, I love the dance! I also love '夜の帳滲んだ 嘘の過去も破いたら Ah、 本当の時が廻りだす Oh' Nakamaru's solo at 3:21.
2. My Secret - I love the opening to this song so much! In fact the more I listen to this... I think I'll just move this up a spot or so xD looking at the lyrics while I listen to it this time, it's created such a strong feeling for me.
3. Black - this has such a classy sound to me. I can imagine them doing this in suits and stuff xD
4. Dangerous - love the groove of this song! I can dance easily to this. Don't let me down~!
5. Believe in MySelf - this sounds completely like an anime opening song to me for some reason. I really enjoy the chorus to this song.
6. Birds - the melody sounds very spanish and I love the instruments used but it's just not a song for me.

I love how completely different this single was to everything they'd done in the past!

Come Here Ranking will be within the week!
08 January 2015 @ 05:26 pm
A while ago I decided I wanted to carry on ranking the new KAT-TUN albums and singles that come out (I've done it before with past KAT-TUN singles/albums) and so here I am with part one which is my 楔~kusabi ranking!!

Firstly, here is how I ranked the album the first time I listened to it over a year ago:

1. Pheonix
2. Fantastic Planet
3. Fire + Ice
4. Gimme Luv
5. On & On
6. Kusabi
7. Bless
8. 4U
9. 僕なりの恋
10. Monster Night - sorry Uepi but this is a seasonal song!

Since this ranking I have seen them live in concert twice performing these songs (one I was only 3 rows away from one of the stages they performed on!) and over a year has passed. So now I will listen to them and see if my ranking hath changed (I can tell without even listening to them that it has!)

1. Pheonix - this was my favourite song during the live too! Cried so hard at how beautiful the build up to the song, the whole staging was and the atmosphere and everything! This song gives me chills everytime I listen to it; post and pre-live. Such a powerful song!!
2. Fantastic Planet - another that brings tears to my eyes since I've seen them live! xD my favourite part is: グレイシャスなその眼差しで 誘惑なのかもSOS.
3.  On & On - I love dancing to this song and this song was such a fun performance from KAT-TUN and I love their outfits for this song xD Such a feel good happy song! I love Taguchi's (towards the end for Kame's) parts the most in this song. キミが良い!
4. Gimme Luv - I go through phrases where this is my number 1 song and play it on repeat. A brilliant dance song xD I remember this performance so vividly! And I remember all the points and rythme where the fans bounced their lights and uchiwas ^_^ I love Kame's 'AI WO UTAUUU~!'
5. 楔~Kusabi - I don't really remember them performing this song which means it was probs one of the songs I just cried the entire time through so it's all a blur xD while the PV for this isn't the best, the song is brilliance.
6. Fire + Ice - again, an amazing performance this was live! Ahh the tears!! MOYASE FIRE AND ICE! Absolutely love the 3:11 and 3:33 points.
7. Bless - another crying song (shall we all just admit I cry all the way through KT concerts? Because I do!). I'm pretty sure this was the song with it ending in feathers flying and Kame going 'Merry Christmas! I'm Santa' at the end xD I love Nakamaru's voice the most in the song.
8. 4U - the only thing I remember from this performance is how bright the lighting was and everything. I think they were going around the floor as well during this song. Such an uplifting song. I think Nakamaru wins in part/voice for this song!
9. 僕なりの恋 - is it bad I don't remember it's performance? =/ it's definitely a nice sounding song and the voices really stand out beautifully (Kame's is the winner here) and I sway to it in enjoyment and I am in love with the '最終電車の時間が近づいてきて' part but it's definitely my least favourite.
10. Monster Night - this song is only enjoyable when the PV is with it in all honest.

So pretty much a drastic change bar the first two. I am going to be honest; I think this is KAT-TUN strongest album! It literally could just be a joint-7-way-1st-place for these songs and the only song which I would say I had a lack of like for is Monster Night and 僕なりの恋 I think. All the others I can happily listen to and enjoy and I really like them all! And I think because I saw it live and such makes my feelings for this album and it's songs all the strong (I should compare these to Chain - the other songs I saw in concert xD).

Who's up for the next ranking?!
20 August 2014 @ 02:49 pm
I hope you guys missed me and didn't forget about me! My year abroad is almost over is which means I should be back on here regulary again! I hope you were keeping up with my updates over on tumblr?!?!?

So what have I missed?! Let us catch up! I've missed you guys!!! We need to talk!!

Also, here's a a bonus feature for you. I bring to you; the things I am leaving in Japan!

I hope we can talk again soon!!!
06 August 2013 @ 11:35 pm
I want ALL KAT-TUN fans (and possibly K8, SMAP, V6, Arashi etc fans) to answer please!!! ^_^

Bit lengthy sorry =/

I was on twitter talking to my friends about how KAT-TUN will no longer be in the idol magazines (eg. Duet, Myojo and grrrr) and are getting the same treatment as when Arashi and K8 left: one member article and photoshoot per month until all members have been shown.

And I came to this comment:
Don't these magazines understand that the newer/younger Johnny's are no comparison and are no where near as popular as such groups that have been forced to stop appearing the these magazines? Surely the magazines will lose quite a bit of money when they stop showing KAT-TUN and wouldn't that have happened when they stopped showing SMAP, Arashi, K8 etc.?
So I came to ask you all...

All those Johnny's that joined and all those groups that debuted after KAT-TUN - HSJ, Sexy Zone, KMF2, ABC-Z - are they even anywhere near a popular and as loved as their sempais?
Because for starters it took HSJ almost 4 years after debuting to sell out tickets at Tokyo Dome whereas KAT-TUN were so popular they were able to do 10 straight days at TD in 2009!
Extra questions:
How does everyone feel about KAT-TUN pretty much being kicked out of the idol mags just like Arashi, SMAP and K8 were?
You would've thought they'd wait til the last member was 30 right?

So what y'all think?
Because for me personally:
- Sexy Zone are too young to be debuted anyway and I can't see them being successful when they all finally hit puberty and someone unfortunately can't sing anymore - nearly happened to Chinen Yuri from HSJ imo.
- I loved KMF2 pre-debut but since have done nothing but teeny bobbing songs and they're well on their way to match KAT-TUN's age!
- I loved ABC(-Z) at the KAT-TUN concerts but not heard them once since debuting - can't even tell you what they do besides I think they host Shounen Club, which I could be very wrong about!

Who am I missing....

I know about 3 Juniors: Tanaka Juri (thanks to his brother being Koki), Morimoto Shintarou (Ex-HSJ's brother) who is no longer attractive to me and one who's name I don't know but I know he's like 25 and very unknown - been in about 2 dramas and not assigned to a group yet I don't know.
Even the new band names are too cheesy and are no where near the 'kakkoii' comparison of their sempai groups.

Disclaimer: I apologize if I've offended anyone but this is my honest opinion.
17 July 2013 @ 08:35 pm
Do enjoy!! ^_^ I watched MatsuJun's 'Bokua ha Imoto ni Koi wo Suru' last night because I heard it was about incest. I was partially attracted to him in it (and he's an actor I really do not like! xD) but the film was slow and the acting was pretty wooden unfortunately. Anyways! I bring to you:

- Kamenashi Icons x16
- MatsuJun Icons x9
- Kamenashi Headers/Banners x4
- KAT-TUN Banner x1
- MatsuJun Banners/Headers x10
- Kamenashi Wallpapers x3

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

(( Long overdue! )) )

- Comment and Critics Welcome!
- Credit if taking!!
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Probs the last Capping-spam I will do today =]

It's from お客様は神様 Behind the Scenes, so CHIBI KAT-TUN!! <3

Enjoy ^_^

Okyakusama ha Kamisama BackStage 1
(( Wilds of My Heart )) )
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20 February 2013 @ 03:43 pm

31 January 2013 @ 12:10 am
Hope to get through more than I did yesterday! Here goes!! ^_^


Title: ボーイズ・オン・ザ・ラン
Title Boys on the Run
Format: Rensoku
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 9
Viewership ratings: 5.9%
Broadcast network: TV Asahi
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-06 to 2012-Sep-07
Air time: Friday 23:15

Tanishi Toshiyuki (Maruyama Ryuhei), a salaryman who works for a small toy manufacturer, has never had a girlfriend in the 27 years of his life. Naturally he has no experience in women too. Ridiculed as uninteresting at his workplace, Toshiyuki is a hopeless employee nowhere near getting ahead in life. He is in love with his colleague, Uemura Chiharu (Minami Akina). However, he is not able to approach her, and relieves this dejection every day through telephone dating clubs and adult videos. Then one day, Toshiyuki appears to make progress with Chiharu following coaching by the elite salaryman Aoyama Takahiro (Saito Takumi) whom he got to know at his workplace, but … jdramas

(( Cast, Crew, Review, Screencaptures )) )

Overall Rating
Story: 8/10
Cast: 8/10 Some very well known names and JE idols in there! So good guests too! =]
Characters: 9/10 Damn that Chiharu -__- you've been warned!
Music: 8/10
ReWatch? YES! So much fun!!
Recommend? Yessums. If you like comedy, boxing, some home truth situations at times, watch this!! SO MUCH FUN!!! xD
Overall: 8.5/10 =]


Title: ドラゴン青年団
Title (romaji): Dragon Seinendan
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Science fiction, comedy
Episodes: 10
Viewership rating: TBA
Broadcast network: TBS/MBS
Broadcast period:
TBS: 2012-Jul-17 to 2012-Sep-25
MBS: 2012-Jul-19 to 2012-Sep-27
Air time:
TBS: Tuesday 24:55
MBS: Thursday 24:55
Theme song: Fumetsu no Scrum by KAT-TUN

One day, for some unforeseen reason, a dragon appears in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. Meanwhile, in a local city near Mt. Fuji, Hikariyama City, three childhood friends Yoshio, Kenji, and Tamotsu lounge around in a café where Yoko works, watching the news broadcast about the dragon without a care in the world. However, that all changes when Yoshio discovers a scroll at a used bookstore. Upon further inspection of the scroll, they discover that they are in fact the descendents of the Warrior of Light. As descendent of the warriors, they decide to take upon themselves the responsibility of protecting everyone by killing the dragon... --MBS

(( Cast, Crew, Review, Screencaptures )) )

Overall Rating
Story: 7/10
Cast: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Music: 9/10 It's KAT-TUN! <3 Not their best but still a good song! ^_^
ReWatch? Only if I want an easy dorama to watch =]
Recommend? For Johnny's fans and tokusatsu kinda people and fantasy people =]
Overall: 7.5/10


Garo focuses on the life of Kouga Saejima, who has assumed the title of Makai Knight to protect humanity against dark demonic manifestations called "Horrors." In his quest to purge them, he encounters a young girl named Kaoru whom he saves from a Horror, but who is stained with its demonic blood.

And Makai GARO (Season 2) Synopsis
Following on from GARO and Garo: Red Requiem Makai Senki follows the continuing adventures of Kouga Saezima as he is promoted to being the Makai Knight to the Senate and how he tries to avoid an untimely demise after being marked by the Seal of Destruction by the series antagonist. Unlike the previous series, several episodes focus solely on Rei.

(( Cast, Crew, Review, Screencaptures )) )

Overall Rating
Story: 8/10
Cast: 8/10
Characters: 8/10
Music: 8/10
ReWatch? HELL YES!!! I'm thinking of rewatching right now and all I've done is write out a review xD
Recommend? TO EVERYONE!! It's AWESOME! Again, it's Tokusatsu + Boobs + Darker Atmosphere + (somehow) a billion more awesomeness = GARO!!!!!
Overall: 9/10 (I know higher than the other marks but it's so good!)
27 January 2013 @ 01:20 pm
My external one... you know what that means?!!?!?!?!!? I've lost:

- A bunch of Japanese films I had just downloaded and not yet watched -__-
- ALL usic
- ALL merican TV Shows/Films that I had on it (BattleStar Galactica, Big Bang, SpiderMan, Expendables, Ice Age etc.)
- ALL Family Photos. Yes you heard me ALL. And that's not even the worst of it yet oh no... the worst part is that I've all...

Wait for it....

Brace yourselves...


I have to wait til March to see if this data can be recovered. If not.... WTF DO I DO?!?!!?!? *dies*

On a slight up note, all my KAT-TUN videos are on another harddrive which (as of this morning) was still working perfectly. But still ALL THOSE SCANS! I had/have like 50gb worth of KAT-TUN pictures ~ yeah you though you were the obsessed fan!

Help? xD