23 February 2017 @ 04:28 pm


( Picspam of Appreciation for the BD Boy! ) )


Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did !! ^_^
07 January 2017 @ 05:53 am
Hey guys! I did purely a stage actor one back in May which you can check out here.

My Watching/Keeping-an-Eye-on actors have somewhat drastically changed, particularly over last summer, so I want to keep you all updated. Also this gives me a chance to talk about some actors that impressed me last year and that I hope continue to grow through out this year. As well as solidifying to you guys who my bias' are xD

So let's do... movie/tv actors first.

I only have two guys who I want to see progress this next year:

( 2 Movie/TV Actors ) )

Okay so now I'll tell you my bias', which you probably all know anyway but this past year my bias' have increased from 2 bias' to 3! So here we go:

( One New Addition! ) )

And finally here are my 'Keeping an Eye on Actors' that hopefully will stay with me until atleast March/April-ish. I do warn you, it's a drastic change xD also I warn you; I'm a sucker for actors who take the time to like and/or reply to my tweets, and/or take time to talk to me during events/after plays and that's influenced my list below A LOT.

( Pretty and Sweet Boys ) )

And I think that's my list. As you can see it's super changed and it's definitely smaller compared to last time but hopefully this allows me to start saving money also as that's a BIG goal for this year ^_^
30 December 2016 @ 07:31 pm
And here we are at the final entry post for this series for the year! So first I wanna post all the dorama/anime that I watched in the Autumn season:

Shitamachi Rocket 8/10
YowaMushi Pedal 8.5/10
Angel Heart 6/10
Diabolik Lovers 8/10
Donten ni Warau 7/10
HatsuKoi Monster 7/10

Free Enternal Summer 7/10
YowaMushi Pedal 10/10
YowaMushi Pedal: Grande Road 9/10
Death Note: Light Up The New World 8/10
Renai Aru Aru 7/10

Yowamushi Spare Bike 8/10
Prince of Stride (ReWatch) 8/10
Minna, Esper Da Yo SP 1/10
Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan 7/10
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru 9/10
Show by Rock 2/10
Vancouver no Asahi 8/10
64 Part One 7/10
64 Part Two 7/10
Kodaike no Hitobito 8/10
Cain to Abel 3/10
Yuri on Ice 10/10

Some of these have already been reviewed so you can check those out here. And now for those that didn't air this season but I did watch and have yet to review! << Did that make sense?


Donten in Warau [7/10]
( 1 ) )


HatsuKoi Monster [7/10]
( 2 ) )

Free Eternal Summer 7/10

( Edit 1 ) )


Yowamushi Pedal Season 1, Season 2 (Grande Road) and Spare Bike [10/10, 9/10, 8/10]

( 3 ) )

Prince of Stride (ReWatch) 8/10
( Edit 2 ) )


Renai Aru Aru SP 7/10
( 4 ) )


Minna, Esper Da Yo SP 1/10
( 5 ) )

Vancouver no Asahi

Vancouver no Asahi 8/10

( 6 ) )


These last three movies are ones I watched on the plane to England! ^_^



64 Part 1 and Part 2 [Both 7/10]

( 7 ) )


The Kodai Family [8/10]

( 8 ) )

Okay I'm done xD


I really don't think I'll finish anything else dorama or movie related between now and tomorrow which is the last day of 2016 xD but I do I'll try and 'edit' it in here xD

Have you seen any of these? Any you want to see? Lets discuss below!! ^_^
11 October 2016 @ 12:48 pm
I haven't written one of these since April (here) =O That's disgusting and ridiculous and needs sorting now! I do apologise how STAGE central my blog had become this year so hopefully the next few posts can be more doramas, movie, anime and even some actual events-based posts. If you want a holiday post as well I'll do that too so let me know!! ^_^


Today we have:
Joker Game
In The Hero
Douhitemo Furetakunai
K: Missing King
Ghost in the Shell
Hakuouki: Otogisoushi
K: Return of Kings
High&Low Season 1 and 2

Okay let's go!


Joker Game [Japan - 2015 - Movie 9/10]

( Lots of differently rated reviews here! Enjoy ! ) )


I did it!! Did you miss these posts? Hopefully another will be up soon.

ALSO! If there's anything from this post that you want a full length review of, let me know!
10 April 2016 @ 09:58 am

Yep my ranking is finally here! xD

1. JET - Do I need to explain why this is first place? It's freaking AMAZING!!! I feel so powerful and hyped when I listen to this song!! I SO wish they were performing this at 10Ks but they're not =[ I love every moment of this song! Every part is my favourite part!
2. GREATEST JOURNEY - I was stuck between this and UNLOCK taking 2nd place but this one wins only slightly. I feel this song is yet it fits them perfectly especially when we think of the silly and stupid things they get up to xD and the PV is great!! OMG when Ueda holds up the TakoYaki xD I love the Kame and Maru's first lines in this song <3 I also love the dorky dance in this xD It's just a really great feel good song and instantly puts me in a good mood - it's pretty fun to sing at Karaoke too haha
3. UNLOCK - YAMANEKO! I love the opening to this even though I have no idea what Kame whispers at the beginning xD I really like the PV for this too. They used so many camera techniques in it and it was very cool!! This song also puts me in a good mood. But damn, have you seen the lyric? The amount of English and the actual grammar and sentences in English don't exactly make sense xD And it's difficult to sing at Karaoke. BUT I love this song and reminds me of YamaNeko every time and we all know how much I love YamaNeko!! I really like Ueda's voice in this song =] I love the instrumental part towards the end too and Kame's little moment after it 'oh come on baby' <3
4. 雨に咲く哀、夜に泣く藍 - I love the melody to this song <3 I really like the chorus too <3 I just... I love every part of this song too! I was marathoning the GANTZ manga one time while I listened to this song, so (kind unfortunately) I get depressing images of people ripping monsters to shreds in my head while I listen to this. This song also strangely reminds me of all the times I've gone to see stage plays and so everytime I listen to this I remember all the theatres I've been to, see myself going to my seat and watching the different plays on stage - I don't know why my head has linked this song to stage plays cos I haven't been to any since this single came out o_O My favourite two parts are the lower, quiet parts at the end of the Chorus and of course Kame's solo moment towards the end ^_^
5. HONESTY - this song is nice and calming and I think is a good spring song ^_^ it reminds me of a spring sunny day whenever I listen to this.Kame's solo at 3:20 <3

Yes, as you can tell I LOVE this single <3

Here are the member cards I got in mine and of course I got the YamaNeko UNLOCK special CD too with the (I wanna say) drink mat! ^_^


What did you think of this single??
01 April 2016 @ 11:04 pm
HAPPY FRIDAY AND APRIL FOOLS! But this is NO April Fools! It's a review -- for real!!
Let's talk about one of the best things that was on TV this season!! I only watched 3 doramas but I believe this show was loved by most people anyway xD


Oh man this was SO good! Even my coworkers were watching it and we'd fan girl about it every week! OMG where to start....

( Of course beware of spoilers ) )


Overall: This had mystery, suspense, action, comedy and the casting is amazing and the story has some shocker twists and it's such an enjoyable watch! If you wanna see amazing acting from Kamenashi Kazuya, this may be one of the best roles he has ever done! OH! If you like cats too then watch it! xD Cos y'know neko = cat xD I enjoyed this thoroughly and I cannot wait to get this on DVD and yes I will defo get the dvds! But before that time I will attempt to read the (4) books of it <3
Overall Rating: 9/10 - my favourite drama of Winter 2016!!
31 March 2016 @ 10:57 am
[ profile] daftdragon wanted some 3-nin icons so I attempted to make some. Bare in mind that I've not made graphics in months so they definitely ain't the best. And like DD, I had trouble finding a picture where I could fit ALL three of them in one icon. So if anyone has any three-nin photos (old or new) then please be sure to link me below! Also sorry for posting days in a row this week, I just got a lot to catch up on xD

I hope you like them!

+ Comment if taking
+ Critics and compliment welcome!
+ Want more?
+ Made by ME!
+ Images from Tumblr and rightful owners!
+ Friend locked in a week!
22 March 2016 @ 11:35 am

( Celebration galore! ) )



Current Music: The D-Motion - KAT-TUN <3
22 March 2016 @ 11:10 am
「君の夢 ぼくのユメ」is just a crying song... And it's really not the best they've done..... It's pretty meh to be honest but this is only my first listen through opinion.

Which is disappointing cos it's like their LAST song but we had two amazing singles before this so really can't complain.

Nice hearing a three-nin though.
20 January 2016 @ 12:52 pm
I have finally decided what I will definitely watch this season! There were over 16 things on my previous Winter 2016 post, and I've narrowed it down!

1. All the SPs. Each SP is no more than 3 hours so I can get through those in one day (as in one episode for one day) ^_^ So Obochan, Detective Ballerina, Damashi Banashi, Jungle Fever, Jossei Sakka etc.

2. YamaNeko - this one was obvious no? xD The first episode was SO good!

3. Hiruma Hideo no Suiri - Because I've seen captures and it looks so good! And I need more Kubota in my life <3

4. Watashi wo Hanasanaide - Yes I hate Miura BUT I love Ayase and I've not seen her in ages! So this <3 Also it's based on a worldwide British/Japanese novelist's book which I really wanna read too.
5. KRGhost, SSNinninger and SSZyuoger - these are year long shows so naturall I'm going to continue them.
6. Konoudori - I can finally finish all the shows I had to put on hold last season and I'm going to start with this one! After this will either be Angel Heart or Downtown Rocket.

So in total that'll be (at the most) 7 doramas that I'm watching at one time. That's just about copeable xD

If I have ANY other time, I also wanna get through JunJun's Sentai Ressha series ^_^ Funnily enough if a SS or KR series is already complete, it only takes me about two weeks to get through all the episodes.

As for anime I'm going to limit myself to two winter series' and one need to catch up and/or finish, so I've decided:

Sushi Police

1. Sushi Police - how does this NOT interest you?!

Prince of Stride: Alternative main image

2. Prince of Stride - I need more sports anime in my life xD

Jormungand main image

3. Jormungand - This is the first series I've decided to move from my 'On Hold" (it's embarassing how many I have there) to 'Watching'.

And that is my life! So in total I'll be watching 10 things at one time but luckily most of them are airing and all of different days so SHOULD be copable... we'll see xD

What are you watching this winter season?
01 January 2016 @ 03:34 pm

2015 has officially ended so I can officially make this list!! You can see the list of things I watched this year here. Also in July I posted a 'Top Ten so far' list here. Ready for my top ten?!


1. Tokyo Bandwagon (10/10) Review
2. Heroine Shikkaku (10/10) Review
3. MOZU Season 1 (9/10) Review
4. Kingyo Club (9/10) Review (Skip to 'Overall Thoughts' for non-spoiler review)
5. Mother Game (9/10) Review
6. Suikyuu Yankees (9/10 Review
7. Ore Ore (9/10) Review
8. Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita (9/10) Review
9. Death Note (9/10) Review (Skip to 'Overall Thoughts' for non-spoiler review)
10. Yowakutemo Katemasu (8/10) Review (I cannot find my review post for this! o_O)

*Of course rewatchs aren't allowed on this list!

There are many others that I loved throughout the year (Bakuman, Tatakau! Shoten Girl, Siren etc) but these are definitely my top ten! I hope it's easy to see why, but by all means do let me know if you ended up hating one of these and why! xD

Honourable Mention:
- The Lovers (9/10) - this is a Korean dorama so obviously would never be on my top ten list. But this drama was so realistic and I felt it really showed what real relationships are like. It was heartbreaking, it was funny. I adored every episode <3

Most Disappointing of the Year:
- Galaxy Kaidoh
- Second Love
- Age Harassment

Do I need to explain these?

Actor of the Year?
I got (re)obsessed with SO many actors this year and just had weeks of marathoning their stuff. But the one that's stuck with me all year is obvious:

Yamazaki Kento.

There we have it!! What do you think?

Let me know below who and what your favourites were for this year!!
26 December 2015 @ 10:58 am
Shh the 26th is still Christmas!!


I hope you all had an amazing day! Cos I did! (more of that later!!)

But I thought I'd share my presents with you!! So first the stuff from my amazing family <3
( All the presents!! ) )

Now which do I start and wtach first??!!?!?
15 December 2015 @ 05:02 pm
So as [ profile] tbscreenrider requested I have made a list of (not all but) the doramas upcoming that have my interest. I'll probably make a definite decision of the three (yes I am only allowing myself to watch three per season now so I don't overload with falling behind) I'll watch... well I have one definite so far but... let's get on with it!

So first... here is the MASSIVE list credit

( Short List ) )

Now onto my list of peaked interest dorama!! << that sentence made sense - shhh!!

(Ready for Information Overload? ) )


Wow this post ended up taking me like three hours o_O Holy hell! But so worth it!!
Hope you like it!!


So yesterday I faced reality that I need to start actually using the stuff I buy so it actually has more than 'idol-face' value to me xD
Here's what (as of yesterday) was stuff I hadn't opened/looked at/read/watched:

Heroin Shikakku Novelisation
Bakuman Vol.1
Saint Onii-san Vol.1
Heroin Shikkaku Vol.4
Orange Vol.2
The Real Face of KAT-TUN CD/DVD/Booklet
KAT-TUN Countdown 2014 - 2015 Kyocera Dome
Come Here in Yoyogi x3 (YES I needed all the editions so yes I probably have the same concert 3 times - I don't care!)
Come Here in Tokyo

D-LIVE 2015 Pamphlets
Aoi Shushi ha Taiyou no naka ni Aru Pamphlet
TV Guide from Early August
Fine Boys September 2015
KAT-TUN Come Here Pamphlet
KAT-TUN Quarter Pamphlet
Seto Koji Book
CanCam September 2015


Luckily as of last night I'd gone through the D-LIVE Pamplets, The TV Guide (if anyone wants translation of the DN interview - let me know!), Fine Boys (again, let me know if you want Yamazaki translation), CanCam bar Yamamoto's section (again Yamazaki//Yamamoto translations) and almost all of Seto Book bar two written sections.

I actually own a lot less stuff than I thought which is great xD haha

24 August 2015 @ 11:44 pm

Story: A new apartment in built so people from the slums can live there but during construction one of the workers died, and they covered up the death by putting him in one of the concrete walls. One of the workers (Kenji - Kame) wants everyone to know and to let the guy rest, but all the higher ups just keep telling him to forget about it and that a dead body is no longer a human.  There a love story in there too.... Instead of focusing on the crime/death (which would've been a much more interesting story btw!), it just goes on about how no one believes Kenji.

( Prepare for a lot of negativity =/ ) )

Overall: The stage's look, the use of the room, the singing, and the acting was perfect but the story was boring, annoying as fuck and let it down immensly. The actual plot had SO much potential but the route the story decided to go made everything just fall flat and was a very old-style choice of Japanese theme that they decided to focus on. It was missing atmosphere as well, you couldn't tell if it wanted to be a comedy or a serious story. Also 80+% of the characters could be cut out and it's still make sense, and about an hour or more had no main characters on stage! so you cut that hour out too and it would've been a good play I think... so much unneccesary stuff was in it that has lead me to feel rather disappointed about it =/ Maybe it's cos I'm a foreigner, maybe it's because I wasn't sat near the stage, maybe it's because my Japanese isn't fluent yet (close but not)... I'd give this show... 4 out of 10. It had good points but mainly bad points.

Was it just me? What did everyone else think?

08 August 2015 @ 09:29 pm
I know tbscreenrider doesn't have Instragram so here are the goodies I've gotten over the past (almost) 2 weeks!! I'm quite sure you'll appreciate seeing them =]

( Lots of Pics! ) )

Tomorrow I am at D-LIVE! Which I am VERY excited for cos y'know Tomo!!! <3 He better turn up -__- also I'm hopefully going to the NHK store tomorrow too so I can get some Death Note goodies, which reminds me: EPISODE 6 TOMORROW! ... and I've still not done my review for Ep 5 nor AOT =/ I am sorry! I will get to it!!

Right now I plan to spend my evening catching up on KR, SS and GARO <3

Also, I think I've managed to reply to everyone's comments which has been posted the past two weeks or so. If there's a comment you posted that I've missed and/or really want a reply to, please let me know!!

By all means, fangirl about the items below and I'll join in!!! (Laptop is about to die so) Bye!!
03 July 2015 @ 11:26 am

I started a notebook yesterday where I write all my thoughts and stuff about books/movies/doramas I watch/read ^_^

I watched and finished these five ALL yesterday! How crazy is that?! xD Let's get cracking!!
( All Goodness Below ) )

Have you seen any of these? Have I persuaded you to watch any? Can you also see the difference in my reviews now that I'm using a notebook? Do you keep something similar? OH! Is there any specific types of posts you would like to see from me before I got back to reality in 23 days time? OMG 23!! Kame's birthday is 23rd Feb xD O dear.... I've lost it....
02 July 2015 @ 11:03 am
We are half way through the year and thought I'd quickly tell you the top doramas I have seen so far this year! =] I have seen 17 doramas plus one rewatch and 5 SPs (and 16 films) so far this year =]

This first season blew my mind! Absolutely loved it! I am looking forward to the film even though season 2 was such a disappointment.

This was great! Forgotten character's name but I really enjoyed the main two guy's dynamic and relationship and the cases were interesting and stuff!! Another I am excited for the movie for!

We ALL know my love for this <3 get your tissues ready when you watch it!

Another everyone knows my love for if you read the episode discussions I carried out <3 so cute!!

This dorama was great at breaking Japanese 'values' and stereotypes and that's what made it really refreshing and gives Japan a sense of 'changing for the better' =]

This dorama left an impression on me. Naturally it's not a 10/10 dorama (cos I never give Korean stuff that! They just aren't that good!) but I loved the mystery and the multiple personalities and cute!

While I only gave this a 7/10, I really enjoyed it! And I cannot get Matsuzaka's tongue movement (that he does a lot in the dorama so if you've scene it, you know which movement I mean!) out of my head! *dies* It's a very entertaining dorama =]

And of course an honourable mention to Tumbling <3 my only rewatch this year and got a 10/10 from me once again! <3 Love it so much!

What are you top doramas so far this year?!
28 June 2015 @ 12:57 pm