01 April 2011 @ 07:03 pm
03.10 Popolo - Yuri Chinen "Me-Ru" Translation  

This is my first time finished something I started translation XD
It may only be he simple mail but I gotta start somewhere ne XD


TO. okasan
itsumo oishii gohan* wo tsukitte kurete arigatou!
oksan, daisuki <3

TO. Mother
For always making delicious meals* for me thank you!
Mother, I Love You <3

*gohan can also be translated as rice.

TO. Onho Satoshi
Satoshikun he*
Kondo, gohan tabeni ikitai desu ^_^

TO. Onho Satoshi
Next time**, I want to go out(*) and have a meal with you ^_^

*he can also be e.
** Kondo can mean this time as well as next time.
(*) The literal meaning for Ikitai is onward journey I want to so I gathered this mean wanting to go out.

If I have made any mistakes. Feel free to comment and correct me =D

Please credit if you post anywhere else!
Thank You!

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