06 February 2017 @ 07:42 pm
I saw this one last Monday and it’s supposed to be a historical/comedy.

Official Site here.
Trailer here. << I normally don’t watch trailers and I usually hate how spoilery trailers are these days but this one manipulates what to expect very well xD
Teaser here. In case you wanna no real explanation


This is a historical comedy where Ayase Haruka’s character goes to Kyoto to meet her boyfriend’s family, but the hotel she booked at says she’s booked in for the month after and that they’re completely full for the duration of her stay, leaving her with no where to stay. So she wanders the streets of Kyoto until she comes upon the hotel ‘Honnouji Hotel’ which has a room available for her. And thus shenanigans ensure where when she takes the elevator she ends up in Honnouji Temple 1582 June 21st (the day before Honnouji no Hen), rather than the 6th floor of the hotel.


This was actually genuinely funny. I know Japan sometimes labels stuff as comedy but no one ends up laughing because it tends to be really off beat comedy but this movie was ACTUALLY funny. We were all wetting ourselves in the cinema and in fact I was laughing to most (which says a lot if a foreigner is finding the comedy more enjoyable and totally understandable compared to the rest of the Japanese population in the cinema xD that or they laugh a LOT quieter than I do xD) I do admit, I’m a BIG laughter when a joke gets to me which this movie did on several occasions. I really enjoyed the story too and how the time traveling worked. The characters were all amusing and had their traits and when you take the comedy away, the story itself holds up very well. Also, if you know anything about Honnouji no Hen (which this is centered around) then you’ll completely understand me when I say; from the mid-point I did nothing but cry. I was in such streams of tears! I think I was the only one to be honest but for some reason I have this HUGE emotional connection to Oda Nobunaga and just his story and history at this point in time; I was so heartbroken for the rest of the film. I was a crying wreck but not in a bad way. I highly recommend this film; it’s historical, it’s fun, it’s funny and (if you’re like me) sweet, emotional and touching. Bittersweet almost actually.

Rating: 8/10



Now for all the spoilers although I won’t say much. We all know the history of Honnouji no Hen so there’s nothing to actually spoil xD

The first half of this movie is very funny. There's a lot of 'I'm in honnouji?! No I'm not... wait... that sword is real?!' from Haruka’s character in the beginning, and there's a moment where she realises it's Oda that she's been talking to and then she looks at the guy who she first met and goes:
'are you... Toyotomi?!'
'Well you can't be mori Ranmaru so...'
'that's me!!! How can you not tell?!'
And it was a very funny moment. I’m not doing it justice by writing it here but hopefully you get the comedy jist of it. I was dying at the scene because it’s obvious from the beginning that he’s Mori Ranmaru xD

Every time she came back to our world, it was always just as she was in big trouble (as in about to die or be attacked big trouble), and she'd always return to being inside the elevator, and it would be just as it opened on the ground/first floor and every time she’d be screaming for someone not to kill her or she'd be up against the wall yelling ‘save me’ so it was super funny seeing the other guests waiting on the other side of the elevator and having it open to see this sight from her xD especially one doctor who gets really freaked out by her on at least two ocassions and he tries to avoid her so hard xD and she’s like ‘I’m not crazy!’.

Another great part was when Oda and his men and Haruka start to play a super old child’s game with wood and a ball and seeing them all happy and enjoying it was heartwarming <3
As mentioned in the non-spoiler review; the second half I just cried like a bitch. Haruka’s character ends up telling Oda about what's gunna happen to him that night* but in true Oda style he decides to accept his fate and lets Akechi storm the temple and he goes through with committing seppuku and just I could not stop myself from wailing.

My ‘relationship’ with Oda Nobunaga is weird. Like I went to both Honnouji spots last September in Kyoto and I just wept like a bitch in the middle of a temple. I don’t know what it is with me and Oda Nobunaga but I just cry whenever he’s brought up or whenever (no matter how fantastical or fictional the story is) I see his story performed or anything... I’m just freaking weird okay.

*1582 June 2nd: Oda Nobunaga is betrayed by Akechi who infiltrated and destroys Honnouji in hopes of killing Oda. It's believed he and Mori Ranmaru committed seppuku and burned to the ground with the temple.

But I do highly recommend this film! The comedy is definitely satisfactory and the ending itself is very heartwarming.

At the end Haruka is back in her present day world and she decides to walk around the places where she had walked with Oda in the past and see the present and past versions of the locations. Then we get like Oda sitting next to her (like a blend of the past/present) and it was so bittersweet; he sacrificed himself so the peaceful Japan we live in now could prosper and become a reality. Oh god I’m going to cry right now thinking about the ending... it’s so nice and so sweet!


And that’s my review! Hope you enjoyed it!! ^_^
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