13 May 2011 @ 10:24 am
2011.05.13 Miura Ryosuke Blog Translation  

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Romaji Translation


...to aru riha-saru de

Kimochi ga su-tteshita.

Sono ato/nochi, ani imouto de
Shuzai ☆ mi
Sashiburi ni riho to taidan datta.
Ureshikatta na.

(Above Picture)

English Translation

13th May 2011

...and the rehearsal has
me dripping with sweat!!

An acting feeling.

After this, big brother and younger sister
are collecting data ☆ on me
It's been a long time I had a conversation with Riho.
I was very happy.

(Above Picture)

* Uses the kanji for monkey so he's a rehearsal monkey! xD
Credit goes to me for the translation

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