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2009.11.21 Yanagishita Tomo Blog Translation  

Original Post: http://blog.watanabepro.co.jp/d-boys_d/archives/2009/11/dvdtomo_rrow.html

Not my best translation but at least I gave it a go! xD


Romaji Translation

☆DVD☆TOMO RROW Hatsubai Mokusen Kikaku☆

(Above Picture)

D-Boys Boy Friend Series Vol.5
Yanagishita Tomo TOMORROW

11 gatsu 26 hi no Hatsubai made ato 5 hi made kimashita-!!!
To, yuu/iu koto de

Hatsubai mada 5 hiai,
Jibun no kojin blog no gata de
DVD satsuei naka/uchi no ofushotto ya
Satsuei uchi ni Mane-ja-san ga totte kurete ita shashin wo janjan Appushitai to omoimasu ♪*

Hatsubai made no ji, sono shashin de tanoshin de kudasai ♪

To yuu/iu yori
Appusuru Shashin ha DVD ni ha nai bubun nano de
Zehi Zehi tanoshin de kudasai☆

Chinamini Shime ha Pakke-ji no urabyoushi desu♪

Deha, Yanagishita Tomo kojin blog de oaishimashou☆

English Translation

21st November 2009
☆DVD☆TOMOrrow Project is Released Close at Hand☆

(Above Picture)

D-Boys Boy Friend Series Vol.5
Yanagishita Tomo: TOMOrrow

Is going to be released in 5 days on the 26th November!!!
And to say about it
Still 5 days (left to go),

About my individuak/personal blog
My DVD Photograph offshot
I think my photography manager took a good photo that was uploaded *tada* ♪*

It's still photograph time, enjoy the photo please ♪

There is a photo section in the DVD
By the way, this is an picture from my mobile phone with the back cover♪

Then, let's meet my personal Yanagishita Tomo blog☆

* I had great difficulty translating this! =S

Credit goes to me for translating
If you want a specific thing translating just ask me.
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jangie[personal profile] jangie on October 7th, 2011 08:51 am (UTC)
Ahaha. It's Tomo-san's blog. I'm glad to find it in English finally. Thank you very much.
Can I translate and post it in my theard for him in our website. I want more people know about him.
Love him so much.

Anyway, could you please translate more his blog update? I'm want to know what he is doing now but I've just studied Japanies for under 1 month. *So sad because I didn't start sooner*.
Thank you very much.
aikokanzaki: Yanagishita Tomo[personal profile] aikokanzaki on October 7th, 2011 04:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi
Yes I have posted some of his blogs on here,, I think I've translated more on my LJ though.

What will you translate it to?
I haven't gotten much time lately as I've just started University, but I'll have a look at the DBoys Blog when I have time ^_^
jangie[personal profile] jangie on October 8th, 2011 08:38 am (UTC)
Re: Hi
Here is the link to the website I will translate and post his blog update. It's in Vietnamese. I've just started it few days ago, so there's not much information. In addition, there're really little information about him in English. I'm try my best to ask everyone translate some from Japanese.
Anyway, could you translate this video into English, please? I like him in here.
I just need the translation, I will make some video engsub for him and then translate into my mother language.
Hope you start your study well. Good luck. :)
aikokanzaki: D-Date[personal profile] aikokanzaki on October 8th, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi
Yes sure you can translate the blogs into Vietnamese as long as you credit back to the original blog (<< optional aha just thought it'd be respectful ><) AND link back to my English blog posts ^_^
That video is good, I might attempt it but don't expect anything, my hearing for Japanese is much suckier than my reading of Japanese >