21 May 2017 @ 11:50 pm
Hi everyone!!!

I am really really happy today!!! I finished Ryosuke's wallpaper!! YEEEEAAAAYYY!!
I did this will all my heart since last night. Gladly I finished today.
I always did about 5-6 for other JUMP's members, and for sure for Ryosuke is moreeeeee and I also make for phone wallpaper. Doing this is sooo bad for my heart. I stared at you since last night you know, Ryosuke! hahaha~ XD

As always I included the clean version and also the mosaic one.
Douzo!! I hope you all love it! and Please don't troubling yourself to choose which one to use. Just use all of it! XP

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I am here with this week ItaJUMP episode.
I am not really fond with kodomo episodes but it is seems like a serious problem in Japan.heheh~
Ryosuke's reaction is sooo funny!! The tension is sooo high!
Kyun kyun suru ze!! XD

Well lets get excited with next week ItaJUMP ne!!

ori-credit: 裕翔yuto1993

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17 May 2017 @ 10:16 pm
KAME'S NEW SOLO OMG, it's so cool. I am so happy. I was worried he'd do another ballad or something. It's more along the pop/rock route, and I couldn't be happier! I love it, and him, I'm just so happy right now <3

I'll be getting the Kame to Yamapi single, but it's coming SAL so I have to rely on DLs for now, but I'll be updating my KAT-TUN page once it arrives.

Stuff like this helps me forget we've been KAT-TUN-less for a little over a year now. I managed to get Nakamaru's new solo though (legally from Amazon, no less! After some workarounds), and now I have Kame's. Here's hoping we get something from Ueda at some point!
14 May 2017 @ 12:48 am
Hi Minna!!

I am sooooooooooo late in posting this wallpaper!!
Gomen ne Daiki!! So many thing to do and to prioritize.
Demo I finished it today!!
In the download folder I include the mosaic I done before

Douzo to the download. Happy Belated Birthday Arioka Daiki!! XD

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Hi everyone~ XD

I am here to continue giving my promise to you. Sou!! The monthly calendar!! YEAY!!!

I also promised that I will give the clean version of the calendar right? As I cleaned the weekly one, I also cleaned the monthly one tooo~ Double YEAY!!

I really want to post this on Ryosuke's birthday, but I can't seem to finish it *cries*
For the monthly I managed to combined the big picture too!!

And I forgot to say, the size is tremendously increase when I cleaned it. >_< The part that I cannot cleaned, I just leave it as it is.

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12 May 2017 @ 06:37 pm
Hey Say JUMP! MasterPost

~I finally made JUMP own masterpost XD~

Performance/Appearance/Shows Index
Music Station

[2016.05.13] MS - Maji SUNSHINE
[2016.09.19] MS ULTRA FES 2016 - Ultra Music Power & Ride With Me-2016
[2016.10.28] MS -Fantastic Time 

[2016.12.23] MSSL (Talk+Performance)

[2017.02.24] MS - Talk + OVER THE TOP
Itadaki High JUMP

[2016.05.11] ItaJUMP - Maji SUNSHINE
[2016.10.27] ItaJUMP -Fantastic Time
[2016.12.08] ItaJUMP - Give Me Love

[2017.02.22] ItaJUMP - OVER THE TOP
[2017.04.13] Itadaki High JUMP

[2017.04.27] Itadaki High JUMP
[2017.05.04] Itadaki High JUMP

[2017.05.11] Itadaki High JUMP
Little Tokyo Live

[2016.05.11] LTL - Maji SUNSHINE
[2017.03.30] Little Tokyo Live
[2017.04.26] Little Tokyo Live
Buzz Rhythm
[2016.05.14] Buzz Rhythm
[2016.10.28] Buzz Rhythm
[2017.02.25] Buzz Rhythm
Shounen Club Premium

[2016.04.20] SCP - Maji SUNSHINE
[2016.12.14] SCP - Hey! Say! JUMP cut

[2017.02.15] SCP HSJ Cut
VS Arashi

[2016.10.13] VS Arashi 2HR Spring SP (Yamada Ryosuke)
School Kakumei

[2016.12.18] School Kakumei - Give Me Love

[2016.07.18] FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri 2016 - Maji SUNSHINE & COaMH
[2016.12.14] FNS Kayousai Hey! Say! JUMP cut
Domoto Kyoudai

[2016.12.16] Domoto Kyodai 2016 Mousugu Christmas SP - Ai no Katamari

[2016.10.30] COUNTDOWN TV - Fantastic Time
Best Artist

[2016.11.29] Best Artist
Love Music

[2016.03.18] Love Music - Sayonara Sensations

Single/Album/Concert DVD Index
DEAR. (Full Album)
Fantastic Time Single
Give Me Love Single
DEAR. Concert DVD Camera Angle EngSub

PV & Making Index
Masquerade PV -short ver.-
Masquerade PV and PV Making

Nakajima Yuto, Yabu Kota & Takaki Yuya - Mr. Flawless PV [LQ]
Nakajima Yuto, Takaki Yuya & Yabu Kota - Mr. Flawless PV

Nakajima Yuto, Takaki Yuya & Yabu Kota - Mr.Flawless Making
Fantastic Time PV -short ver.-

Fantastic Time PV & PV Making (Practise Time)
Give Me Love PV -short ver.-
Give Me Love PV & PV Making
OVER THE TOP PV -short ver.-
OVER THE TOP PV & PV Making Funky Time PV & PV Making

Scans Index
Calendar 2015.4 - 2016.3
DEAR. Photoset
Calendar 2016.4 - 2017.3 (Album part)

Calendar 2017.4 - 2018.3 (Weekly Calendar Card)

Drama/Movie Index
Ansatsu Kyoshitsu Sotsugyou Hen (2016)
Cain to Abel Masterpost

Photoshop Index
Hey! Say! JUMP
Calendar Hey! Say JUMP 2014

Calendar Hey! Say! JUMP 2016

Wallpaper Josei Jishin [2016.05.24]

Wallpaper Hey! Say! JUMP - Dear

Wallpaper Hey! Say! JUMP - Dear Set 2

Hey! Say! JUMP 2017
Wallpaper DUET Cover
Yamada Ryosuke
Wallpaper (Yamada Ryosuke)

Animated Mood Theme - Yamada Ryosuke

Wallpaper CINEMA SQUARE vol 86
Wallpaper Popolo 2016.10
Wallpaper AnAn No.2024

Wallpaper Cain to Abel ep01
Wallpaper The Television Zoom 2016.10.03
Wallpaper +act 2016.04
Yabu Kota
Calendar Hey! Say! JUMP 2014
Wallpaper Yabu Kota 27th Bithday
Nakajima Yuto Wallpaper
(Nakajima Yuto)
Inoo Kei Wallpaper
QLAP!1607, TV Fan 1608 & TV Guide 1608
Takaki Yuya Wallpaper
Takaki Yuya 27th Birthday
Okamoto Keito Wallpaper
Okamoto Keito 24th Birthday
Nakajima Yuto
Arioka Daiki
Yaotome Hikaru
Chinen Yuri
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Hi Everyone!!

I never planned to upload every week ItaJump. hahah~
But this episode has YUTOYAMACHII soooooo~

Please watch this heartwarming episode ne
And Ryosuke, your cooking skill is subarashii!! d( ̄◇ ̄)b
Can I learn to cook from you? Can you cook for me tooo~~~ (///∇///)

ori-credit: 裕翔yuto1993

I am now trying reorganize my masterpost. I feel like soooo many thing written in one place XD
I have so many JUMP stuff and maybe I should move it to its own post right?
So it's going to take forever again to do it. hahah~

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