14 August 2017 @ 01:24 pm
Hi everyone!!

I finished this wallpaper set few days ago and I forgot to post it here. I posted it on twitter before. hahaha~
Anyway~ I give a little bonus here


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12 August 2017 @ 02:50 pm

Just a quick update for Koshoku Robot episode 8

Credit Original video : 湮3259812

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Good morning and afternoon!!

hahah~ it is nearly 12pm here so I wish both.
Somehow donpishana this time has one vs one ne? hahaha~

I still haven't full watch this but enjoy~

ori-credit: 草莓要配白巧克力 (you can get the original fullsize file there ^_^)

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10 August 2017 @ 09:23 pm
Hello~ good evening!

It is August already and today issssss Yuto's birthday!!

Nakajima Yuto, 24-sai otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu! Happy birthday to you!!
You are so cute when u are little and become so handsome now. haha~

Let me tell u all a bit of my story. I "threw" myself into JUMP world thanks to Yuto. Actually thanks to Kame. Of course I am marathoning Kame's drama at that time and I found Yuto in Nobuta wo Produce. He is so cute!! Pls agreed with me!! Then, I watched some clips from Shounen Club, there are always JUMP in the episode where Koyama and Nakamaru as MC and JUMP as supporter. Then me and my rooommate realized that we might see Yuto somewhere. After a little research, we found he is the boy in Nobuta wo Produce. Then  my roommate fell in love with Inoo.

We always giggling together about Yuto and Inoo and my eye caught on Ryosuke. I think he is kind of cool. My roommate kinda hate him bcs he is always in the center and it is hard to catch a glimpse of Inoo. I was kinda protecting Ryosuke, I don't like when she keep comparing them.

Then I found myself liking Yuto and and Ryosuke and I don't know anymore who should be the one I should focused on LOL. Then I found Ryosuke again in Kame's drama. Sou! One pound Gospel, and there also Chinen.
I was like is that Ryosuke? OMG~ he is soooo cute!! what is this?? Time over time, I realized my eyes only on him everytime I watched JUMP related. So my "relation" with Yuto kinda last for about a few months? but still Yuto is not far, still there among my 3 niiban XD

aaaa~ why am I telling this story on Yuto's birthday? hahaha~

Anyways, Yuto!!! Happy birthday!! You are always cheerfull in the group, I want you to keep being that! I love that part of you. Your drumming never fail to make heart skip.. Your photography skills, I hope u can teach me that.

Pls stay healthy, stay happy and stay hyperactive as you are !! hahaha~ I love you!!

Like always~ I did this on members birthday!!

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Have you watched last night Music Station!!!
AAAAAAA~ I got my song too!! I never thought they are going to perform all top 5 songs!!

Thank  you JUMP!!!! XD

The file is big so I splitted into 2. Pls use HJSplit to combine ne~

ori-credit: 草莓要配白巧克力 (you can get the original fullsize file there ^_^)

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05 August 2017 @ 12:15 pm

I didn't manage to upload it all yesterday. So the 7th episode is today!!

Credit Original video : 湮3259812

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