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18 January 2017 @ 01:18 pm


I have been waiting months....




I fought in ticket battles every BLOODY time and didn't hit.

I even used two different email accounts in order to try and get tickets! I still didn't hit!

I tried Toujitsuken (on the day ticket) and DIDN'T HIT....









MAKICHAN IS BACK!!!!! (more details later)



Lets get onto the review now that I've calmed down....

Now I'm not gunna write everything out; we all know Toustage, we all know the story of it; we've all seen the first DVD multiple times. So I'm just going to write down everything that was different this time including the gungi scene, the curtain call etc. Ready?! Okay!

Oh Official Website here.

( man I love toustage ) )

17 January 2017 @ 01:32 am

I've literally just come back from the cinema after watching this! I saw it was on the schedule list yesterday and thought 'I must watch this asap!!' So I did! So first things first is the official stuff and credits:

Official Site here
Press Release and Coverage 1, 2, 3 (*also photo credit)
Trailer / Teaser 1, 2


Sato Ryuji = Shinji
Sato Hisanori = Nao
Akazawa Tomoru = Aoi
Nogawa Taichi = Dai
Takano Kenji = KenKen
Kuroba Mario = Kiyoshi

There are more but... shhh...


PS. I'm gunna change the format up again so let me know which you prefer: non-spoiler / overall comments first or last ^_^

PPS.. Apparently it's Sato Ryuuji's fucking birthday today! So it was the perfect time to watch this movie!! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!! <3 some pic spam xD

( Compulsory Birthday PicSpam ) )

OKAY! Back to the actual review! ....

This was a film I was anticipating anyway and so I jumped at the chance of seeing it asap!


Went into it without knowing what the hell was going to happen and I'm so glad I did! It's not a movie I usually watch because it was very indie or at least had the feel to it as it was a perfect production; it definitely had some sound troubles and some of the shots (like camera looking up to the actors) were too artistic to be coming from one of the (two) big film companies in Japan.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story even though it mentally broke me and my heart was crying at the end (a few real tears did slip out); it's definitely dark, realistic and bittersweet but there's those realistic moments of laughing even in the crappiest times which really warmed my heart <3 I was thoroughly impressed by Kuroba Mario's performance and saw a side of his acting I hadn't seen before. Also Sato Ryuji's smile is one of the most pure things ever!


If you get chance and want to see something a bit indie-esque, watch this! I am impress by it that much! My only complaint is Akazawa Tomoru's acting when he did the angry scene at the beginning; I don't think he's cut out for angry/horrible characters because his yelling just fell flat for me personally; least he tried xD

Rating: 9/10

Now onto ALL the spoilers and story telling!!


To be honest I'd only seen the teaser trailer from MONTHS ago and had no idea what it was about!

( Very detailed! ) )


I did it!!! So let me know which format you prefer ^_^

I should REALLY go to sleep now (almost 2am I think)

Let me know in the comments below!
11 January 2017 @ 11:40 am
I've been meaning to talk about this dream for DAYS but kept forgetting to post it here xD a lot of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about but let me have my moment >.<

Me and the Touken Ranbu boys were sent a mission to go back in time to Natzi Germany and to destroy them all.

So we go back and join the war. So we're practically on a Helms Deep/LOTR like building and turns out the main Natzi leaders look exactly like Tywin Lannister/Charles Dance and the guy from Star Wars xD

So me and the boys were defeating the Naztis and actually the castle was all above water on stilt like things so you could easily dive into the water below and have under water fights xD

During our battle we'd sneakily set up the castle with various booms and so while I was fighting underwater the booms detonated and it all ended perfectly with me and Yamanbagiri (who I LOVE!!!) who was actually the Aramaki version of him (MAKICHAN!!) sharing a kiss underwater in victory xD

It was a good dream...
11 January 2017 @ 01:00 am
This is another top five request I got tonight! Before we start; I haven’t seen the stages; I might be influenced by how-actors-look-as-the-characters (did that make sense?) regardless of not seeing the stages (yet); I do play the game but I don’t do the stories or listen to the voice tracks etc; I tend to only have two types = the cute ones // the ‘pretend I’m tough when really I’m squishy”; this is almost basically LOOKS based xD ready?

1. Hidaka Hokuto - this reminds me a lot of Yamanbagiri Kunihiro from Touken Ranbu, and we ALL know how much I love him!! Hokuto definitely has the looks I always go for, and I have actually listened to his sound bites and everything and I LIKE them! <3 he can treat me like that all day xD pretending to be tough... he really isn’t! I definitely wanna cuddle him xD although he’ll probably tell me to stop it but won’t physically stop me xD I know Ikkei plays him in the stage and to be honest I’m a little worried he might ruin my image of Hokouto for me >.< BUT if he plays him anything like his character in AoHaruTetsu (as in the cool part of him, bot the ridiculous part of him) then I’ll be happy!

2. Kanzaki Souma - THIS guy’s look! THIS is everything I want; purple long hair, samurai-ness going on, usually (in my game at least) in a kimono and his phrases are always fighting or katana focused <3 also I REALLY like the actor who plays him in the stage! Higuchi Yuta <3 He’s SO cute!! I’m actually relieved I actually like the character as well because I fell for Higuchi first THEN started the Ensemble game. I wonder how he lays him in the stage... AND he has a beautiful name! Kanzaki <3

3. Sengoku Shinobu - he’s in a sentai band (I’m a HUGE geek for sentai!), has purple hair (I loooove purple!) AND when he laughs or is embarrassed it’s the CUTEST, most heartwarming thing in the world! <3 everytime he cracks a smile my heart melts <3 ANNNDDD Fukazawa Taiga plays him in the stage!!!! I fereaking LOVE Fukazawa! He’s SOOOO CUTE!!! Seriously, watch the YowaMushi Dorama, he’s the PERFECT Naruko!! And follow his twitter! He’s so CUTE!!!! Let me squish him all day please!! Okay I’m cal now...

4. Himemiya Tori - as already stated above, I love cute boys and this one is certainly the cutest in the game! He’s smol and pink haired and cute!! He’s even cuter when he’s angry or trying to be mean xD I just want him as my cute son that I can show off in front of everyone <3 BUUUUT I am still SUPER worried about the stage version of him. As soon as the actor announced I wasn’t happy with who they cast, and I still don’t like the look of him in the character, also seeing the type of pics he takes with the cast is not how I imagine Himemiya to be! =[ BUT I will try to cast it aside when I do (eventually) see the play but as of right now, I’m pretty worried about his performance.

5. Shino Hajime - This one is kind recent but still fits in with my ‘I like cute boys’ type xD he’s so delicate and we should treat him like precious angel xD he’s cute and his voice is so soft and he’s so caring but also needs confidence and worries a lot ^_^ AND KEITA PLAYS HIM IN THE STAGE! And I have no doubt he’ll do a great and faithful performance and can’t wait to see it! ALSO! Have you SEEN this character when he is embarrassed in the game?! It’s so cute!!! Okay I’ll stop with the cute.


There we go! What did every think? Agree or nah? xD
11 January 2017 @ 12:37 am
I literally finished Kamen Rider Gaim 5 minutes ago! And so here I am with my top 5 characters! I’ll try and not been actor-persuaded because Gaim is full of stage actors who I love! So here goes!! Btw, I freaking loved Gaim if you wanted a quick review from me xD

1. Jonouchi - this guy... he’s SO funny and always there with the comic relief! I love how he tried to manipulate people at first and Pierre was just like ‘nah you ain’t’ and how he tries to act tough and pretending like he doesn’t wanna help. He’s such a sweetie <3 his growth as a character is great too! And omg my heart broke when he did the  “looking for Hase’ sign </3 I was always amused and laughing when he was on the scene. OMG remember when he broke out dancing even though he’d originally refused to?! xD

2. Zack - this guy GREW on me so hard (trying not to be actor bias but Zack has REALLY made me wanna evaluate my feels and opinion on Matsuda Gaku). To be honest I can’t really tell you Zack’s personality xD because I was way too interested in being attracted to him physically. And some of his reactions when Pierre would put a hand on his shoulder and stuff were hilarious! And those long legs!! Damn... he’s soooo cute!! He got cuter and cuter as the series went on <3 I do remember him being very faithful to his friends and what’s right though ^_^ can I have a Zack please?!

3. Micchi - He ALMOST didn’t make it on the list. When he first started to go dark, I did not like it, but when he was mentally broken and completely crazy; I was totally back on board with him! I much prefer him as the cute and innocent and happy Micchi but I definitely welcomed him when he was haywire too xD he character arc and development is so deep and it’s such a good development! But, I honestly thought he’d be a character death in this series and I’m still trying to decide if his ending was right or not. Nevertheless, this cutie should always be smiling! <3 also amazing actiing on Mahiro’s part.

4. Kaitou - This is another guy who grew on me! When I first started the series I wasn’t into him because I know that Kobayashi (the actor) in real life is SUPER genki and super... (am I allowed to say?) camp. But DAMN I soon forgot about Kobayashi’s real personality because DAMN Kaitou is DARK and power thirsty and I loved seeing him getting darker and darker and in the begining he’s just a normal dick but throughout the series we see his motives and we see him helping others and he has a real good story going on. And OMG his end and the end!!! Broke my heart!!! I definitely shed a few tears throughout his story arc.

5. Ryoma - I’m going to be honest, fifth place was hard to decide... to be honest I am partially disappointed in Ryoma because I know what to expect when I see Aoki perform and I didn’t get what I wanted from him for a LONG time in this series BUT (getting off the actor biasness) from about the second half, we start to really be able to see Ryoma’s true personality and his craziness and how badstabbing he is and he’s a juicy character! Especially episodes 38 - 40, his scenes are seriously my favourite!! And can we talked about his amazing style! MINUS those damn shorts! Seriouslym can I get his jacket (HIS JACKET!! <3) and shirt from his later episodes?! I love them!! And those tiny skinny legs he got going on are cute too! <3


I tried to be unactorbias but obviously I was influenced by them! Who’s everyone’s favourite characters? Do you agree/disagree? Let me know ^_^
07 January 2017 @ 05:53 am
Hey guys! I did purely a stage actor one back in May which you can check out here.

My Watching/Keeping-an-Eye-on actors have somewhat drastically changed, particularly over last summer, so I want to keep you all updated. Also this gives me a chance to talk about some actors that impressed me last year and that I hope continue to grow through out this year. As well as solidifying to you guys who my bias' are xD

So let's do... movie/tv actors first.

I only have two guys who I want to see progress this next year:

( 2 Movie/TV Actors ) )

Okay so now I'll tell you my bias', which you probably all know anyway but this past year my bias' have increased from 2 bias' to 3! So here we go:

( One New Addition! ) )

And finally here are my 'Keeping an Eye on Actors' that hopefully will stay with me until atleast March/April-ish. I do warn you, it's a drastic change xD also I warn you; I'm a sucker for actors who take the time to like and/or reply to my tweets, and/or take time to talk to me during events/after plays and that's influenced my list below A LOT.

( Pretty and Sweet Boys ) )

And I think that's my list. As you can see it's super changed and it's definitely smaller compared to last time but hopefully this allows me to start saving money also as that's a BIG goal for this year ^_^
05 January 2017 @ 06:12 pm
So the past two days Tomo news/work has come out so of course I want to share it all with you here! ^_^ I'll go in date order rather than announced order though ^_^

1. Dorama starting January 20th on TX (Channel) ”三匹のおっさん3~正義の味方、みたび” which roughly translates to "Three Old Men Season 3: On Justice's Side" and he will be playing Iwashita Shingo as a guest role in Episode One. Official Website is here. Look how cute he is xD:

He'll NEVER lose those chubby cheeks will he <3 SO CUTE!!! <3

2. Dorama starting from February 19th. It's a Nihon TV x Wowow x Hulu crossover production (so will probably air on all three platforms) "Zenigata Keibu" / "Inspector Zenigata". He'll be in episode 1 and 2 as Tominaga Yuuichi. Official Website is here. This one actually looks and sounds REALLY good so I might watch this entirely xD No promo pics or anything out yet =[

05 January 2017 @ 06:07 pm
So the past two days Tomo news/work has come out so of course I want to share it all with you here! ^_^ I'll go in date order rather than announced order though ^_^

1. Dorama starting January 20th on TX (Channel) ”三匹のおっさん3~正義の味方、みたび” which roughly translates to "Three Old Men Season 3: On Justice's Side" and he will be playing Iwashita Shingo as a guest role in Episode One. Official Website is here. Look how cute he is xD:

He'll NEVER lose those chubby cheeks will he <3 SO CUTE!!! <3

2. Dorama starting from February 19th. It's a Nihon TV x Wowow x Hulu crossover production (so will probably air on all three platforms) "Zenigata Keibu" / Inspector Zenigata. He'll be in episode 1 and 2 as Tominaga Yuuichi. Official Website is here. This one actually looks and sounds REALLY good so I might watch this entirely xD No promo pics or anything out yet =[

04 January 2017 @ 03:38 pm
So it's that time of year again where I decide what I definitely will warch and let me tell you... this was hard!

Usually I do two seperate 'Upcoming Doramas' and 'What I will Watch' Lists BUT this season, I wanna see ALL the ones that interest me! So I'm putting both the lists together this time! << Forgive me? So first! The complete list:

( The list feels short this time ) )

And now for what interested me:


( 7 Doramas! ) )

There's only six this time BUT winter doramas are usually really slow and dark so I'm surprised and happy at how many interesting and fun ones we're getting! ^_^ In terms of how likely I am to watch them, it goes:

From 1000% Will Watch:
Shikaku Tantei
Star Consheruto
Gin to Kin
By Players
Ubai Ai, Fuyu

Obviously continuing from the Autumn season I still have Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

And now for the Anime I Will Watch this Season:

Yowamushi Pedal: The Next Generation
Tuesdays from jan 10th at 1:35am

The third season of YowaMushi

Touken Ranbu is supposed to come out in Winter too but the date is still undecided so maybe it's been delayed...

I'm still working through Hunter x Hunter, Prince of Tennis etc. but I should really sort that out right? xD It's been going on for too long! haha


And that's my Winter 2017 watching list!! If I missed any that interested you let me know down below!! ^_^

Btw, do you prefer when it's Anime Interested List, Dorama Interest List and Will Watch List or would you prefer they were all together like this one is/ Let me know below!
04 January 2017 @ 01:09 pm
 So it appears most/all of my LJ posts have succesfully come over to DW! I think it took the server like 20 hours xD Yes that's how many posts I had on LJ! It's gunna take some time to get used to DW though... especially when it comes to customising my blog... I need to get rid of this god awful large text font first! It's not making my posts look pretty at all! I did have a customised theme on this but want to change it so fingers crossed it'll soon like like MY blog soon ^_^
03 January 2017 @ 04:33 pm
Hey guys! So I've just been informed twice in about ten minutes about the whole Russia taking LJ thing. So naturally I've been panicking! I have like 10 years worth of posts on here which I treasure and because told that might all go SCARES me. SO luckily you can cross transfer your posts to Dreamwidth, who I already had an account with, so from now on (until the day LJ goes) I'll be posting the exact same posts on both! So you can follow me dreamwidth here.

It was just a blog for my translations until today so I need to rearrange everything in it.

Also I'm thinking of posting all my stage reviews on Tumblr as well from now on so there's another back up too!! << I've been thinking of doing this for a while now but this is the push to get me to do it ^_^

If you wanna keep in blog-contact with me then just follow my Dreamwidth and/or my Tumblr (here)! Also let me know who you are in the comments below on the site you want me to folow you back on =] make sense?

What is George RR Martin gunna do if the DO delete LJ?!
03 January 2017 @ 06:05 am
Hey guys! Here are the ten things (doramas/movies) I feel I HAVE to watch this year! I also did this last year, so let's do a mini wrap up first! The original post is here.

Last year I had a total of 10 doramas and movies I wanted to get through and the ones I did successfully watch and complete were:

- Joker Game
- ToQger
- Vancouver no Asahi

I found out that I had already previously WATCHED two things that were on my list which were Galileo and Arakawa Under the Bridge Movie so I could cross those off as soon as I started them, I was like 'I'VE SEEN THIS!!! NOOO!' xD

Unfortunately I didn't get to Giam but I am so close to starting it. I also unfortunately didn't get to the newest Jinroh Game because I never go to the rental shop which is the only place I can get it (it's not popular enough to be put up on the internet I don't think) and it is a shame I didn't get to Kagi no Kakatta Heya which I have no excuse for; it's only an SP so I really could get through it easily because SPs are normally just an hour! Silly Alex...

Finally, I completely forgot and pretty much lost interest in Freeter, Ie wo Kau and Kisarazu Cat's Eye and I have no intention of getting to them anytime soon.

So I technically got through 50% of my list so... success?? Nah it's not a success because I really am upset I didn't get to Giam or Kagi no Kakatta Heya....

NOW for this year's list!!

( 10 solid picks me think ) )

And I am going to unofficially keep Kamen Rider Giam and Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP on this too!

So that's a total of 12 10!

What things do you want to watch this year?
02 January 2017 @ 07:28 am
I know my friend has made a wishlist and it inspired me to make my own. So here are some things I definitely want to get my hands on this year:

1. Complete KAT-TUN collection

Now this has a story, if you don't follow me on twitter then I'll say it here: I came home and went to the place where I had stored all my stuff before moving to Japan and I go to my boxes and open them and BAM somehow there was water damage galore so naturally I see how ruined my KAT-TUN stuff has become and I fucking lose it... I've since tried to save as many as I can and I think I've managed to save more than I expected to but I've definitely lost at least half my collection and I'm heartbroken. LUCKILY book off and such here sell KT stuff second hand in pretty good condition and for pretty cheap so fingers crossed I can complete this collection and somehow calm down my aching heart over this tragedy. I'll make a list later of what survived and what I need to replaced and what I still haven't ever bought.

2. Complete my D-Boys D-Stage DVD Collection

I have D-Stage 1 to 14 and then Yuhiden which is D-Stage 18 and that's all. D-Stage 20th will start next month and D-Stage 19th will come out on DVD in February so I'm missing 3-ish stages from this collection which is Garantido, Okimesu and Kakenu keru Kaze no you ni. Side note; I DO NOT class D-Stage 18th as a D-Stage; it has ONE D-Boys actor in, it is not a D-Stage. They even stopped calling it a D-Stage after a while too so why it's still under D-Stage I don't know...

3. Complete my MakiChan DVD collection

Luckily, unlike Tomo, MakiChan has had a LOT of his stages and works come out on DVD and thus I want them. So I just want to quickly write that list down now and I'll cross out what I already have:

Tenimyu Vs Higa*
Tenimyu Seigaku vs Hyoutei*
Tenimyu Sports Day 2*
Tenimyu Team Collection: Higa
Raspberry Boy!!
Nintama Rantarou 5
BlazBlue Live Act
Bakumatsu Kian Shinsen 5
Nerenu Yoru no Honki Tongu Blues
Nintama Rantarou 5 Saien
K Stage*
Sougou Shousha Takashima Shouji ~ Ima kore desu yone!
Honoo no Mirage 1
Sougou Shousha Takashima Shouji ~ Ima kore desho ~ Second Stage
Nintama Rantarou 6
Sougou Shousha Takashima Shouji ~ Ima kore desu yone! Saien 2015
Donten ni Warau
Sougou Shousha Takashima Shouji ~ Ima kore desu yone! Part 2 2015
Hakuouki: Reimeiroku*
K Stage 2*
Honoo no Mirage 2
Satsui ha Tsukiyo ni Terasarete
Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan*
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love!
Kumo ha Waki, Hikari afurete
Touken Ranbu
Sengoku Musou
K: Lost Small World
Hakuouki: Live 2
Honoo no Mirage 3 (DVD preordered!)
Touken Ranbu Saien (DVD preordered!)
Hatsukoi Monster (starts in March)
Dance, Dance, Dance
Article 9
Raspberry Boys TV Show
OEdo Candy 2 (not out yet)
Satoru dayo

Some I have only in digital format - they have a * at the end - but I still want them on DVD! ^_^ I haven't checked if they're all available on DVD but looking at this list I think at least 20 of them do/did have a DVD.

I think that's all I really want to complete this year... It's only three things BUT it will be expensive thinking about it because I have stated COMPLETE collections xD Good luck to me xD

What things do you want to get a hold of this year?!
01 January 2017 @ 12:18 pm
Hey guys!! Here I am with a fun list!! It's always great to look back on a year and talk about things that really got me crazy and obsessed and fangirling hard. There are going to be quite a few lists, and some may seem like I'm cheating, but lets enjoy!!

1. Top 5 Anime

- Hakuouki - this one broke my heart and ripped it up and I loved every minute of it and I already want to rewatch it!
- K: Return of Kings - this one gets here because of how surprising it was! I didn't like the first season and the movie didn't make any sense but this second season of K blew me away and I enjoyed it so much and it's made me a K fan now xD
- Yuri on Ice - everyone freaking loved this this past season! It was so much funa nd so juicy and the romance was great and the animation quality itself was awesome and the international coverage and attention it got too was amazing! Give me a second season now!!
- Touken Ranbu Hanamaru - I love Touken Ranbu; I loved this anime; I need more. TOUKEN RANBU!! <3
- Yowamushi Pedal - another that blew me away this year and I am so obsessed with it now! Even if you're not a fan of sports anime - because I still don't think I am - just give this a try for 4 episodes at least. The characters are great, story is good, the comedy is wonderful, I so enjoyed this!

2. Top 5 3 Books

- Elantris and Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson - I love Sanderson's work so these are automatics.
- The Martian by Andy Weir - it was my first hard science book but it was accessible and very funny too and I very enjoyed the progression of the book and it's just a very good read! It's better than the movie ;)

3. Top 5 Movies

- Pink to Grey - this was visually beautiful and clevel, I loved the plot, the way they shot it was amazing, the acting was flawless, that change part way through the film is still mindblowing to me and Nakajima proved himself as an actor in this. Also Suda Masaki will always be flawless in his performances.
- Creepy - this one scared me at the cinema but in a thriller and mystery and brain-tension way. I still vividlly remember this. And even though I may never watch it again. I was definitely enterained and this is DARK and something I think people will enjoy if you like dark, crime, mysteries that have a lot of silent scariness and you like films that make you think.
- Article 9 - this was a film I went for because of the actors and actually turned out to be a topic of something I know very well about and I really enjoyed the way they created this movie. It gave a lot of good for and against arguments and I really enjoyed seeing everyone have their own opinions and it's just a great film to make you think about some real world topics such as politics and how we should defend ourselves and own country. Also this has Aramaki/Maki-Chan in so <3 the more I think about it too, ths more I really liked the ending.
- Vancounver no Asahi
- Joker Game - of course Kamenashi is going to be on this damn list! I finally watched his two films that I've been dying to see for years and I enjoyed both of them and I wasn't disapponted so of course they're going to be here!

4. Top 5 Doramas

- Kaitou Yamaneko - again Kamenashi Kazuya, this dorama was amazing and funny and enteraining and I need a season two and lets all take a second to mourn the fact that Narimiya has left the entertainment industry =[ he's definitely a loss to the industry and as always he was just as amazing in this as everything else he's ever done!
- ToQger - this one guys.... I was so against watching it for so long and when I finally did? I was in love and I was so obsessed I watched it at work and I cried my eyes out and it's definitely a Sentai favourite of mine now!
- Watashi ha Kekkon Dekinai janakute, Shinai - this one was so good! I really enjoyed watching it AND subbing it with everyone!
- Shitamachi Rocket - this one was one I had on hold for years and I finally watched it and I honestly didn't think I'd like it but damn I got so invested and I found it fascinating, and I love how the story developed and I also loved the relationship between two of the guys and I liked the MC and his daughter's relationship and how that progressed. It was good!
- Sunao ni Narenakute - this one is a little hazy in my mind but I do remember really enjoying it and the characters and I remember there was a lot of character journies and developments in this and I also watched it alongside my friend so we could fangirl about it together and Eita proved himself as an actor as always. This one I have a fond, warm, glowing memory of.

5. Top 5 10 Actors (including stage actors)

*This is more like 'who's in my top 10' rather than a 'who in 2016 is new/impressed me'. Basically these actors I've seen/watched regularly and I'm never disappointed by them and/or they keep impressing me and/or I thoroughly enjoy whatever they make that I see.

- Kamenashi Kazuya
- Yanagishita Tomohisa
- Seto Koji
- Aramaki Yoshihiko
- Ikematsu Sousuke
- Kagawa Teruyuki
- Suda Masaki
- Ueda Keisuke
- Ogoe Yuuki
- Hirose Suzu << she won me over this year, she deserves to be here

*YamaKen is still around in my head but I'm so ready for him to do something different so that's why he's not here. He's been stuck doing the High school romance MC role all year and it's boring now, I want to see him really act again.

*Honourable mentions: Mackenyu, Murakami Nijiro, Kentarou and Onodera Akira.

7. Top 5 Stages (seen live)

- Onigiri
- Orphans
- Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love
- Daddy Who?
- Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists

8. Top 3 Stage Series

- Messiah
- Hakuouki
- Touken Ranbu (Musicals and Stage together)

I don't think I have any more lists!

What and/or who would make your list? Let me know below!
01 January 2017 @ 05:22 am

Once again, last year this was two separate posts but I thought this year I'd put them together ^_^ So first let's go through last year's resolutions.

So first here is the original post. So here we go with the breakdown:

( 2016 Resolution Wrap Up ) )


So while I technically failed A LOT this year, I feel I got a lot of progress done so I am happy xD So we'll say I completed 8 out of 12 resolutions in 2016! ^_^

And now for my 2017 resolutions. I'm going to try and not be so demanding this next year as I've realised this past year just how much time even ONE hobby can take up in my life so they are:

1. Watch 60 Doramas/SPs/Movies/Anime - If I can average about 5 a month then I think I'm still doing good for drama/movie-obsessed me -- trust me guys, I still love my doramas(!). Also I tend to watch about 4 doramas and 2 or 3 anime a season so I know for definite at least every 3 months this year I will have at least 4 doramas finished in that one month because they'll all be finishing around the same time. This also allows me to keep up my Movie Mondays if I wanted and doesn't put pressure on me to have to go every Monday, but every other Monday if I so wish ^_^

2. Read 20 Books - And I mean BOOKS. This means that while I'm still allowed to marathon my manga if I so wish BUT I really do want to get through actual books that I own and I think 20 is a decent number.

3. Keep Up with Reviews

4. Keep Up with Exercising, Dancing, Stretching

5. Be Stricter on Stages - this is a new hobby of mine this past year and of course this first year I went absolutely mental and went to watch everything! But towards the end of this year I've noticed what themes I don't like, what disappoints me, what's difficult to get tickets for, who's popular, what I like and which actors I want to support. So hopefully in 2017 I can be a bit more strict and specific on the shows and actors I do go to watch and hopefully, this will also allow me to start saving serious money too.

6. Save Money - I have a goal specific money goal in mind and it's totally achievably so long as I stay strict with my buying.

7. Only buy Limited Goods - this past year also I've bought stuff just because I'm financially able to but (going back to goal 5 and 6) I want to be a bit more concious about my money and about what I buy and like I said, I want to start seriously saving money, so I think from now on, I'll only buy things (on the spot) if they're limited only. I don't need to rush to buy something immediately if I can still buy it in 3 years time for myself as a birthday present.

8. Take the JLPT N1 test - I want to get this test out of the way and next year it'll either be in July or December but it depends on how well my studies continue.

9. Be less negative and complainy - I've noticed this past year that I love complaining and I love pointing out the BAD things with no real meaning and it's not critical or progressive either. Also it doesn't really help one's mental state either and I've noticed that my negativity really doesn't help my emotions or personal security and makes me question my relationships and everything, so this next year I'm going to really start to keep my negativity to myself when it's really not needed to be said to the world.

This next year is all about balance between all my hobbies for me next year hence why I don't have any ridiculous goals. I want to keep them all balanced and keep my love for all my hobbies alive ^_^

Let me know what you think of these resolutions! What are you resolutions for 2017 and how were your resolutions for 2016?
31 December 2016 @ 02:45 pm
This one I know is going to be ridiculously long so I put it in a separate one. First I'll do all the stages I saw live throughout 2016

( Month by Month List ) )

PHEW! I think I've gotten everything... That's 39 plays (not including if I saw them multiple times) in total and including the idol/actor events that makes it 48!! I think keeping events at 2 to 4 times a month is just right for me *checks January - March's schedule* which I seem to be sticking to for next year (although I think I'm always gunna end up randomly going to events making it like 5 a month but I really shouldn't xD). So hopefully with my stricter schedule next year I can enjoy just as many amazing productions (by focusing on actors and stories I actually care about) as well as save money xD

And now for the ridiculous list of stages that I marathoned on DVD:

( Extra Ridiculous List ) )

That's a total of 79 stages! I should really learn to control my marathoning but it's just so easy to do and so much fun! But I shall try to control it next year also.

So there we have it! I somehow successfully managed to watch 118 stages this year... and now we all know why my movies and doramas are way down this year xD

And I'm pretty confident I've forgotten some...
31 December 2016 @ 01:32 pm
I was going to make 4 DIFFERENT lists for Doramas, Movies, SPs, Anime, Books and Stages that I've gotten through this past year BUT I thought it was best to just pile them into two. So the first list will have Doramas/Movies/SPs, Anime and Books and my Stages list is RIDICULOUS so it's best if that is it's own list ^_^ sound good? Lets get on with it! First lets do the list you're all probably least interested in learning about:

Anime I've Watched in 2016 - Complete List

( Anime ) )

Total: 34

I don't think I had a goal for anime this year but if I did I think I successfully surpassed it xD

You might be interested that I like to read so here is that list also:

Books I've in 2016 - Complete List

( Books ) )

Total: 49 Book

I am/was so very close to my 50 books goal but because I read so much in Japanese (and this list is excluding the dozens of pamphletes and magazines I read in Japanese) I am very happy with this ^_^ although I really should stop reading so much manga.

And lasly the list we probably all care about the most:

Doramas/Movies/SPs I've Watched in 2016 - Complete List

( Doramas/Movies/SPs ) )

Total Doramas: 27
Total SPs: 5
Total Movies: 31
Total: 62

Unfortunately I was no where near my goal of 100 BUT my movies to dorama ratio is almost equal so I'm very happy about that ^_^
What did you watch this year?

*Don't worry! A top 5/10 list IS coming!
30 December 2016 @ 07:31 pm
And here we are at the final entry post for this series for the year! So first I wanna post all the dorama/anime that I watched in the Autumn season:

Shitamachi Rocket 8/10
YowaMushi Pedal 8.5/10
Angel Heart 6/10
Diabolik Lovers 8/10
Donten ni Warau 7/10
HatsuKoi Monster 7/10

Free Enternal Summer 7/10
YowaMushi Pedal 10/10
YowaMushi Pedal: Grande Road 9/10
Death Note: Light Up The New World 8/10
Renai Aru Aru 7/10

Yowamushi Spare Bike 8/10
Prince of Stride (ReWatch) 8/10
Minna, Esper Da Yo SP 1/10
Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan 7/10
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru 9/10
Show by Rock 2/10
Vancouver no Asahi 8/10
64 Part One 7/10
64 Part Two 7/10
Kodaike no Hitobito 8/10
Cain to Abel 3/10
Yuri on Ice 10/10

Some of these have already been reviewed so you can check those out here. And now for those that didn't air this season but I did watch and have yet to review! << Did that make sense?


Donten in Warau [7/10]
( 1 ) )


HatsuKoi Monster [7/10]
( 2 ) )

Free Eternal Summer 7/10

( Edit 1 ) )


Yowamushi Pedal Season 1, Season 2 (Grande Road) and Spare Bike [10/10, 9/10, 8/10]

( 3 ) )

Prince of Stride (ReWatch) 8/10
( Edit 2 ) )


Renai Aru Aru SP 7/10
( 4 ) )


Minna, Esper Da Yo SP 1/10
( 5 ) )

Vancouver no Asahi

Vancouver no Asahi 8/10

( 6 ) )


These last three movies are ones I watched on the plane to England! ^_^



64 Part 1 and Part 2 [Both 7/10]

( 7 ) )


The Kodai Family [8/10]

( 8 ) )

Okay I'm done xD


I really don't think I'll finish anything else dorama or movie related between now and tomorrow which is the last day of 2016 xD but I do I'll try and 'edit' it in here xD

Have you seen any of these? Any you want to see? Lets discuss below!! ^_^